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  • How to on Growth Strategies: Perfect pitches to the public sector – 05/09/2014 The oil and gas boom in Texas has been great for economic development but it has definitely been hard on the state’s roads. [more]
  • Transportation changes will mean an abundance of contracting opportunities – 03/28/2014 The following facts absolutely guarantee an abundance of upcoming opportunities in Texas for all types business firms: [more]
  • Selling to government, Golden government contracts abound in Texas – 03/21/2014 Government contracting in Texas has been a multi-trillion-dollar marketplace for decades.Now it’s getting larger. Some of the immediate opportunities are in areas most private-sector firms don’t monitor. [more]
  • Making cooperative purchasing programs work for you – 03/14/2014 It’s common knowledge that the public sector marketplace is huge – more than $1 trillion in Texas alone. The fastest way to gain traction in this evolving marketplace is to get on contract with a cooperative purchasing program. [more]
  • How to start selling to the government – 12/27/2014 As the year winds down and companies begin planning for 2014 revenues, some may consider selling to government. That is a good thing … and without doubt, more firms should decide to pursue this marketplace. [more]
  • Public safety technology tops municipal needs – 12/27/2013 Companies with products, services and solutions for public safety and criminal justice organizations will be pleased to know that 2014 will be another good year in the Texas government marketplace. [more]
  • Less funding means creative construction – 11/22/2013 Construction should be rampant on college campuses in Texas over the next year. As the state’s universities continue their current efforts to gain status as Tier One research institutions, they must increase their programs and provide additional academic and research space. [more]
  • Government entities want cost-cutting tech – 11/15/2013 Public officials in Texas are currently focused on innovative, cost-cutting technology solutions. Companies with technology offerings are likely to be in high demand. [more]
  • November elections means thousands of new contracts – 10/11/2013 Municipal debt has become a hot topic. A number of cities are bumping up against debt ceilings and others are struggling because of constitutional debt obligations to pension funds, employee benefit programs and health care programs. [more]
  • Security firms find lucrative government market – 08/02/2013 While taxpayers tend to argue about what government should or should not do, there is one function on which there is little dispute. [more]
  • Texas college campuses to bring flurry of contracts – 4/19/2013
    Watch college campuses over the next few months for an abundance of new business opportunities. There are many factors contributing to the predictions that billions of contracting dollars will soon be up for grabs and that essentially every college campus in the state will be launching at least a few new projects. [more]
  • Outside expert demand increases opportunities – 4/12/2013
    Professional service companies are in high demand as government entities seek outside experts for new initiatives. Government contracts are flowing to firms that offer financial services, investments, human resources/benefits, audits, process redesign and operational improvement. [more]
  • Controversial P3s proliferate in Texas – 03/15/2013
    There has been an abundance of press about public-private partnerships coming out of legislative offices recently. The idea that the planned Capitol Complex might be developed by a P3 has some legislators extremely unhappy. [more]
  • Infrastructure means opportunities for contractors – 02/15/2013
    Water and transportation needs are the “hot topics” for Texas legislators currently meeting in Austin. Almost every discussion reverts back to the state’s water and/or transportation infrastructure needs. [more]
  • 2013 to be strong for security, safety – 01/25/2013
    Companies with security and public safety solutions will find numerous contracting opportunities in Texas in the next few months. Many government entities are planning to contract with outside firms to install and maintain security access and surveillance video camera systems. [more]
  • Co-op purchasing means billions to private sector – 01/04/2013
    School districts and institutions of higher education in Texas make billions of dollars’ worth of purchases from private companies each year. They buy office and educational supplies, technology, furniture, food, janitorial services and more. [more]

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