SPI’s Fast Track

The Strategic Partnerships, Inc. Team (SPI) offers an exclusive Fast Track Engagement program for companies interested in either entering the government marketplace or increasing revenues in the Trillion Dollar Government Marketplace. 

This 90-day program is totally customized for each client – depending on their immediate needs.  The engagement normally includes things like a customized opportunity pipeline, procurement strategy, sales coaching or training, marketing guidance, competitor information, jurisdictions of highest demand for specific offerings, and all other guidance to provide a competitive advantage and success in capturing new business. 

To learn more about SPI’s Fast Track program, please click here or send an email to sales@spartnerships.com.

When it comes to capturing business, SPI’s consultants have a 25-year proven track record of success …and that experience makes all the difference… clients get the benefit of learning from the pros – former public officials with comprehensive knowledge of all government jurisdictions. 

The program includes, but is not limited to, the following: 

  • Proven strategies to better pursue and capture lucrative contracts; 
  • Go-To-Market Strategies; 
  • Identification of jurisdictions with the highest immediate needs for specific offerings; 
  • Hands-on support designed to drive revenue; 
  • Contracting opportunities that match your company’s specific criteria; 
  • Established listings with cooperative purchasing programs; 
  • Network opportunities to engage you with more prime contractors; 
  • Premier sales coaching;  
  • Upcoming opportunities to pursue along with guidance about how to proceed; and 
  • Anything else required to help you capture more new business quicker! 

SPI’s proven model allows clients to see opportunities before they are announced and then pursue them with a competitive advantage. The team provides opportunity research, procurement strategy, sales guidance, and government affairs counseling – along with everything else needed to be successful. 

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