SPI’s Fast Track

The Strategic Partnerships, Inc. Team (SPI) offers an exclusive Fast Track Engagement program for companies interested in either entering the government marketplace, increasing sales revenues quickly, or expanding a company’s footprint.

The 90-day program is totally customized for each client – depending on the client’s immediate needs.

The engagement normally features Scope of Work component deliverables such as the development of a customized upcoming opportunity pipeline, procurement strategy, sales coaching or training, marketing guidance, marketing services, a networking plan, competitor information, jurisdictions of highest demand for specific offerings, and other guidance to provide a competitive advantage and success in capturing new business.

The SPI Team has a track record of success. Their experience, coupled with relationships, subject matter expertise, and keen research assistance, allows them to deliver a ‘competitive advantage to clients:

  • Clients gain the benefits of learning from the pros
  • The program includes assistance in any or every jurisdiction. Common
  • Scope of Work components usually include but are not limited to the following:
  • Proven strategies to better pursue and capture lucrative contracts;
  • Development of a Go-To-Market Strategy;
  • Assistance with marketing guidance – the type of marketing that appeals to public buyers and governmental decision-makers;
  • A plan for enhanced visibility and credibility;
  • Identification of jurisdictions with high demand for specific offerings;
  • Political guidance for each jurisdiction;
  • Most significant networking opportunities;
  • Hands-on support designed to drive revenue – customized to specific needs;
  • Upcoming opportunities that match specific criteria;
  • Establish contracting vehicles with cooperative purchasing programs;
  • Premier sales coaching and competitor intelligence;
  • Virtual presentation critique by former government buyers;
  • Contact information for public officials and message development for specific offerings; and,
  • Proven strategies that lead to quicker contract closes on new business.

SPI’s model alerts clients to upcoming opportunities before they are announced. The team provides opportunity research, procurement strategy, sales guidance, and government affairs counselling – along with every tool a company needs to be successful.

Companies leave a Fast Track engagement with a pipeline of upcoming opportunities, background information, and competitor intelligence. Sales executives should have everything they need to get on a ‘fast track’ to success!

After leaving the program, consultants are available for another 30 days if participants have questions or need clarification.