SPI MUlitBoLines Multi state Government RelationsThe SPI Team possess a wealth of contract consulting knowledge, experience and judgment gained from years in the public sector. The team includes individuals who served as elected officials, agency chiefs, political operatives, legislative staffers, policy experts and communications professionals. Our latest offering blends the skills and relationships of our team members to provide a comprehensive package tailored for clients with multifaceted needs in multiple states.

This extensive, multi-state package is focused on government relations, government procurement consulting, customized research and revenue generation. Clients receive governmental relations services from a seasoned team of experts, business development services from an equally experienced team of consultants and individualized research services from a team that has a history with all 50 states.

SPI’s Government Relations, Business Development, and Research services result in an effective, coordinated approach for advancing public sector objectives.

Key Services for this offering include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Political counsel and guidance, issue development, legislative monitoring, connections to support groups, advocacy and introductions as appropriate;
  • Go-To-Market strategy development for both state and local jurisdictions;
  • Increased visibility planning and networking;
  • Communication services – focused outreach, message development and/or crisis communication;
  • Public sector sales training and/or public testimony training as appropriate; Business development support, guidance and strategy including proposal development, oral presentation critiques, teaming recommendations and assistance with cooperative purchasing programs;
  • Research services including customized upcoming opportunity identification, market analysis reports, competitor intelligence, FOIA requests and more.

Clients in this engagement plan are provided trifold services by a team of more than 60 government procurement consultants and researchers at Strategic Partnerships, Inc. – a company that has represented some of the largest government contractors in the world since 1995.

Contact  spisales@spartnerships.com to discuss.

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