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Customized Government Market Research Services

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The firm’s seasoned researchers are known for their skills in finding and vetting upcoming opportunities for clients long before public announcements are made. This allows sales teams time to get positioned before solicitation documents are released. SPI researchers initiate meaningful conversations with public sector decision-makers and work alongside procurement consultants and subject matter experts to deliver actionable results.

SPI offers timely, hard-to-come-by information
that provides clients a competitive advantage.

SPI’s Research Products Offerings include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Future Opportunity Identification – Early identification of opportunities is critical to capturing new business. Researchers produce opportunity pipelines for any geographic region and provide ‘insider information’ related to each opportunity.
  • Competitor Analysis – Researchers provide clients a detailed look at what specific competitors are doing. Consultants analyze recent competitor proposals and existing contracts, identify favored subcontractors, and check on political involvement.SPI research infographic 300x294 Research/Information
  • Market Assessment – Get it all in one document: market size, upcoming opportunities, revenue potential, history, major competition, political environment, decision-maker contact information, budget data and more.
  • Territory Planning – Researchers provide an analysis of any, or all, jurisdictions in any region. An incredibly valuable road map for sales executives, this service directs sales teams to sales opportunities and saves them time and effort if no budget or planned purchases exist. The research covers information related to upcoming and/or planned spending, organizational structure, favored primes, subcontractors, and more.
  • Customized Research – SPI researchers will provide data and analysis for any type of objective. The research team has been gathering hard-to-come-by information long enough to accommodate even the most difficult research requests. SPI customizes each information gathering engagement to fit each client’s specific needs and objectives.

SPI research delivers actionable results for your
business development team.

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