SPI is pleased to announce the availability of a national bond report.

Since 2007, SPI has been the leading source for information on Texas local government bond elections. We now offer similar reports for other states and are currently tracking more than 370 bond proposals worth $17 billion in projects for the Fall 2017 election cycle.

Purchasing one or more of these reports entitles you to the following:

  1. A list of every public entity that called a bond election along with the dollar amount, details on project information, and the election results
  2. A list of proposed upcoming bond elections under discussion for December 2017 and beyond, which will be delivered along with the bond election results

These reports, which cover local government bond elections held in August 2017 through November 2017, are available for purchase with the following options:

NOTE: You may only receive the Texas report by selecting the “All states” option. Information on how to purchase the Texas report separately is located here.

  • One state: $75
  • Three states: $200
  • Ten states: $600
  • All states (includes Texas): $995

The following states are available for purchase. For your reference, SPI is listing the number of elections currently being tracked.

Available State List

Arizona (19)Arkansas (7)Colorado (13) Idaho (9) Iowa (21)
Kansas (9) Louisiana (10)Maine (8)Michigan (51)Minnesota (40)
Missouri (5)New Jersey (15) New York (13)North Carolina (6)Ohio (25)
Oklahoma (32)Oregon (8)South Carolina (6)Utah (8)Vermont (6)
Washington (13)Wisconsin (5)
Updated 9/20/17

The following states have a low volume of elections this cycle, but are included in the “All states” option. You may specify one of these states in your purchase, but just be aware that they are low-volume reports. SPI is not tracking any bond elections for the states not listed in either table.

Low Volume State List

Alaska (2)California (5)Connecticut (4)Florida (1)Georgia (2)
Indiana (3)Massachusetts (3)Mississippi (3)Montana (4)Nebraska (1)
North Dakota (2)New Mexico (3)Rhode Island (1)South Dakota (2)Virginia (3)
West Virginia (2)Wyoming (1)
Updated 9/20/17

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If you have questions, need additional information, or would like to view a sample report page, contact Kirk Yoshida at 512-531-3927 or kyoshida@spartnerships.com

Disclaimer: The National Bond Package requires a major commitment on the part of Strategic Partnerships, Inc. to compile and update. It is highly valuable intellectual property. By purchasing the National Bond Package, you acknowledge that the information you are about to receive is covered by U.S. copyright law. Thus, distribution, reproduction, sharing, or otherwise giving access to any party outside of your organization, either in whole or in part, is prohibited. This includes posting the data to a public Internet site, list serve, or any other sharing mechanism. If you have any questions regarding these terms or the use of data from the National Bond Package, please contact Kirk Yoshida at 512-531-3927.