public sector sales training TrainingSPI’s Public Sector Sales Training Division leverages the consulting team’s extensive experience and success in selling to government. Every session is customized and designed to accomplish specific objectives based on a company’s products and services, needs, and level of experience.

Content is kept up-to-date by incorporating trends with input from public officials, procurement experts, consultants, government decision-makers, and successful government contractors.

The primary objective of every training session is to increase public sector sales revenues.

Popular Course Topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Shortening the Sales Cycle – Former government decision-makers share strategies on how to successfully schedule and conduct meetings with C-level executives, avoid pitfalls, cut through bureaucratic red tape to speed up the selling/closing process and participation in cooperative purchasing programs.
  • Identifying Upcoming Opportunities – Intelligence gathering is a critical component of finding, qualifying, and winning government contracts. SPI consultants explain how to outmaneuver the competition and gain a competitive advantage through unique data-gathering practices.
  • Early Positioning – In today’s competitive marketplace, timing is critical, and successful contractors position themselves long before solicitation documents are released. The SPI Team explains and teaches ‘Best Practices’ on how to position a clear value proposition for public sector prospects.
  • Incumbents – Since most incumbents have not studied the tactics that ensure contract renewal, they are often vulnerable when contracts come up for re-bid. This module speaks to what must be done to keep government business and it provides valuable counsel on how to sell against entrenched incumbents. SPI consultants share their experiences and explain how to ferret out information that incumbents never want competitors to know.
  • Overcoming Common Obstacles – Whatever the obstacle or challenge, SPI consultants have encountered it. In this module, they present the most common obstacles and provide techniques on how to effectively counter them. This interactive session, which is one of the most popular training modules, is customized to incorporate discussion of actual obstacles encountered by client teams.

The sessions are all taught by practicing consultants who have decades of experience, and each session includes invaluable ‘take away’ materials. Consultants continue to provide support in the months after training sessions if participants need additional assistance, advice, or counsel.

“The greatest value of SPI’s training was having my sales team interact and learn from real government decision-makers. They were engaging and extremely knowledgeable.”  –Fortune 100 Client

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