Texas Bond Initiative image mail chimp Texas Bond ReportSPI’s Texas Bond Election Subscription is available for purchase.

The Texas Bond Report, established in 2007, serves as the premier source of detailed information on local government and school district bond elections. It’s a pivotal lead generation resource for sales and marketing teams in sectors like architecture, engineering, construction, technology, physical security, energy efficiency/HVAC, K-12 equipment, furnishings, and turf fields. The report provides in-depth data on bond propositions, project descriptions, election results, and forecasts, which ensures that subscribers receive unique, valuable insights essential for strategic planning and market analysis. It offers flexible subscription and purchase options, catering to various industry needs while maintaining strict copyright protection of its exclusive content. This ensures subscribers receive unique, valuable insights essential for strategic planning and market analysis.

Purchase of Texas Bond Report annual subscription will provide you will monthly report updates that include the following:

  •  – A list of all bond propositions planned for the May 4, 2024 elections
  •  – Dollar amounts and project descriptions for each bond proposition
  •  – Prompt delivery of election results
  • – Future outlook on proposed bond propositions for November 2024 and beyond
  •  – Expanded report with contact information option available.

To begin receiving hundreds of sales leads with Texas cities, counties, community colleges, and school districts, complete your purchase below by adding the item to your cart. If you have any questions or would like further information about the Texas and National Bond Reports, please contact Kirk Yoshida at 512-965-7999 or kyoshida@spartnerships.com.

For information on bond reports in other states, please visit www.spartnerships.com/national-bond-package

Disclaimer: The Texas Bond Report requires a major commitment on the part of Strategic Partnerships, Inc. to compile and update. It is highly valuable intellectual property. By purchasing the Texas Bond Report, you acknowledge that the information you are about to receive is covered by U.S. copyright law. Thus, distribution, reproduction, sharing, or otherwise giving access to any party outside of your organization, either in whole or in part, is prohibited. This includes posting the data to a public Internet site, list serve, or any other sharing mechanism. If you have any questions regarding these terms or the use of data from the Texas Bond Report, please contact Kirk Yoshida at 512-965-7999.