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Texas Government Insider

Texas Government Insider is SPI’s weekly publication detailing important happenings in the state and summarizing current political issues relevant to those doing business with government. This publication provides a synopsis of the week’s government contracting news and events, interviews with key ‘government insiders,’ and analyses by SPI’s team of experienced researchers, consultants, and subject matter experts. It also covers upcoming conferences, agency hearings, gubernatorial appointments, hard-to-come-by public sector procurement information, and relevant data and research from SPI.

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Government Contracting Pipeline

Government Contracting Pipeline is a nationally focused, weekly publication targeted to government contractors and government executives. It provides ‘insider information’ from a team of seasoned researchers, public sector procurement consultants, and budget analysts known for their in-depth analysis of state and local governmental agencies, upcoming opportunities, and public sector procurement trends. Government Contracting Pipeline provides the type of comprehensive information not found in any other source.

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