Christopher RichSenior Consultant

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Chris Rich Website picture 225x300 Christopher RichChristopher Rich joins the Strategic Partnership Team as a senior consultant with an abundance of technology expertise. He also brings years of experience in successfully navigating governments at the federal level to assist companies pursuing contracts at that jurisdictional level of government. Chris provided representation to clients seeking federal contracts for many years and can point to contract captures at many of the country’s largest federal agencies. Bringing even more value to the SPI Team, Chris also has the unique experience of providing services to companies entering the U.S. government marketplace for the first time. He also knows his way around procurement consulting at the state, local and educational jurisdictions.

Chris understands all aspects of successfully selling to government – from capturing contracting vehicles, researching agency contracting opportunities and aligning company offerings to a public entity’s mission and immediate needs. The SPI Team has embraced his skills and he leads client teams as a Senior Consultant.

Before his business development efforts in the government marketplace, Chris spent 15 years in the financial services industry. In that role, he was responsible for developing relationships with public entities, non-profits, industry sectors and associations. He analyzed market trends, provided forecasting data and assisted in areas related to mitigating risk. His experience provided him with opportunities to successfully assist companies in highly regulated fields.

Chris holds a master’s degree from Texas State University and a bachelor’s degree from Ohio University.