Dana GloverChief Operating Officer

HiRes Dana Glover 6554 Edit 300x300 Dana GloverDana Glover has more than two decades of experience working with private and public sector organizations. Her background and area of expertise includes, but is not limited to, environmental engineering, telecommunications, technology and transportation. She leads the company’s growth strategy and brings great value to the company’s procurement consulting and research divisions.

Dana’s work with collaborative initiatives that partner private sector capabilities and public sector needs enables her to bring great value to both the SPI Team and the company’s clients.

Prior to joining SPI, Dana was the Director for Research and Information Management at the Department of Transportation where she developed and executed multi-year roadmaps, agency innovations, continuous improvements, and project implementations. During that time, she sat on the Texas Business Executive Leadership Board where she built strong relationships with other agency leaders. She was part of the Technology Task Force and sat on the Texas State Transportation Innovation Council where she worked closely with the Federal Highway Administration on the widespread use of innovation and enhanced business processes for meeting customer needs.

While working in the private sector, Dana’s business acumen included business transformation, globalization, merger and acquisition integrations, product and supply chain delivery, corporate growth strategies and environmental remediation projects. She is a Lean Six Sigma expert, optimizing business operations in order to meet customer expectations and grow the bottom line.
In earlier roles, Dana grew up working for her father who allowed her to work with field and core network teams for contamination clean-up efforts and manage contracts with other vendors. In that role she developed plans, resources and budgets for city, government, and private sector contracts. To say that she understands business development of every type is truly an understatement.

Dana’s multifaceted experience has contributed to her in-depth understanding of state, regional and national public-private partnerships.