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SPI President & CEO Mary Scott Nabers
As President and CEO of Strategic Partnerships, Inc., Mary Scott Nabers has decades of experience working in the public-private sector. A well-recognized expert in the P3 and government contracting fields, she is often asked to share her industry insights with top publications and through professional speaking engagements. Get an exclusive look at upcoming trends and insider tips from Mary herself on the SPI blog.


Dec 7th 2018 | Posted in Mary Scott Nabers' Insights by Mary Scott Nabers

Affordable housing shortages are now a top concern for government officials throughout the country. Every metro area in the United States is dealing with a severe shortage of affordable housing. The National Low Income Housing Coalition reports that the problem is impacting even rural areas of the country. Because of the magnitude of the problem, […]

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Dec 5th 2018 | Posted in Mary Scott Nabers' Insights by Mary Scott Nabers

Looking for engineering and construction opportunities?  Look no further than ports! Investment in America’s ports is accelerating significantly and port spending will increase again in 2019. Because of the neo-Panamax megaships, ports throughout the country are expanding shipping channels and harbors.  They are also expanding rail lines and constructing new facilities or significantly expanding older […]

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Nov 30th 2018 | Posted in Mary Scott Nabers' Insights by Mary Scott Nabers

Recognizing that two heads really are better than one, governmental officials nationwide are taking the very old adage to the extreme as they work toward “smart city” status. In what is already a major trend, cities are partnering with private-sector businesses, corporations, educational organizations, civic groups, private individuals and non-government organizations.  The partnerships  or Smart […]

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