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SPI President & CEO Mary Scott Nabers
As President and CEO of Strategic Partnerships, Inc., Mary Scott Nabers has decades of experience working in the public-private sector. A well-recognized expert in the P3 and government contracting fields, she is often asked to share her industry insights with top publications and through professional speaking engagements. Get an exclusive look at upcoming trends and insider tips from Mary herself on the SPI blog.


Sep 24th 2021 | Posted in Mary Scott Nabers' Insights, Opportunities by Mary Scott Nabers

There’s a trend gaining strength that is worth watching. Private sector investors are beginning to seek investment opportunities that provide more than good returns. There is great appeal for investments focused on sustainability. Nowhere is this trend more clearly illustrated than in the surging popularity of green bonds. Green bonds are traditional fixed-income securities issued […]

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Sep 22nd 2021 | Posted in Mary Scott Nabers' Insights, Opportunities by Strategic Partnerships, Inc.

With so much buzz about the pending infrastructure bill, it would be easy to assume that most upcoming opportunities for government contracting will be centered on roads, bridges, water, and power. Or, with the potential passage of the Jobs Act, one could predict that most future contracting opportunities would focus on asset recycling, sustainability, renewable […]

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Sep 20th 2021 | Posted in Transportation by Texas Government Insider
D2 Subway - East End option

Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) continues to evaluate options for the eastern end of the $1.3 billion D2 Subway project as the agency prepares a staff recommendation for October to present to the Dallas City Council. On March 24, 2021, the Council directed the city to work in cooperation with DART, the North Central Texas […]

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