Special Services Division

SPI’s Special Services Division is comprised of senior consultants with national expertise in highly focused areas.  This division brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and judgment gained from years of service in the public sector.  Additionally, they are available to provide insight, guidance and assistance as companies develop strategy, Go-To-Market plans, communication outreach and opportunity pursuit plans.  Some of initial talent includes the following and other consultants will be announced soon:

  • John Barton – transportation expertise, strategy development, project pursuit, public private partnerships and infrastructure
  • Brad Livingston – criminal justice strategy and guidance, law enforcement, executive and financial issues, planning and strategy development
  • Samantha Meazell – meeting facilitator, idea generator and focus group moderator
  • Ed Benjamin – federal proposal writer
  • Linda Summers – proposal writing
  • Lynda Baker – group process consultation and meeting facilitation

The consultants in this division are well-served to offer assistance to clients because of their government executive leadership experience, decades of project experience and their relationships throughout the country.

Key Special Services Division offerings include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Policy expertise – provide a coordinated strategic approach for navigating political environments and regulatory issues
  • Procurement consulting – manage execution of procurement strategies
  • Advocacy – represent clients with public officials at every level of government
  • Strategic counsel – development and execution of detailed action plans
  • Strategy development – advance sales strategies that result in increased revenues

To learn more about SPI’s Special Services Division, send email to sales@spartnerships.com.