Oct 11th 2017 | Posted in Education by Kristin Gordon

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, in fall 2017, about 50.7 million students attended public elementary and secondary schools in the United States. Of these, 35.6 million are in prekindergarten through eighth grade and 15.1 million will be in grades 9 through 12. An additional 5.2 million students were expected to attend private […]

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Jun 23rd 2017 | Posted in Education by Kristin Gordon

It took 140 days to decide how much funding and flexibility two-and-four-year educational institutions would receive. Higher education had a chilly reception at the beginning of the 85th Legislative Session when three bills were proposed that would have frozen all tuition and fees until 2022, repealed the tuition set-aside program and required schools to reach […]

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Apr 21st 2017 | Posted in Education by Kristin Gordon

“This is not a decision a commissioner takes lightly, because you are setting aside an elected body… so there is a lot of thought,” said DeEtta Culbertson, information specialist with the Texas Education Agency (TEA) referring to the commissioner of education’s decision to take over a school district. Some of the most recent schools receiving […]

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Mar 10th 2017 | Posted in Education by Kristin Gordon

March 10 marks the 60th day of the 85th Texas Legislature and the deadline for the unrestricted filing of bills and join resolutions other than local bills, emergency appropriations and bills that have been declared an emergency by the governor. One of the bills that made it under the deadline is House Bill 21, which […]

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Mar 3rd 2017 | Posted in Education by Kristin Gordon

In 2003, a unique public-private partnership called The High School Project  (THSP) was created to remedy the continued problem of high school dropouts despite several initiatives that were implemented prior to 2003 to reduce the rates. During the 2002 gubernatorial election, Gov. Rick Perry proposed a plan to reduce the number of students who dropped […]

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Jan 27th 2017 | Posted in Education by Kristin Gordon

Before school choice was introduced at the 85th Legislative Session, some Texans may have not been aware of this movement.  Since 2011, a week has been designated in January to celebrate National School Choice Week. Gov. Greg Abbott officially proclaimed January 22-28, 2017 as “School Choice Week” in Texas, joining two dozen governors and more […]

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Oct 7th 2016 | Posted in Education, P3/PPP by Mary Scott Nabers

Mary Scott Nabers spoke at the Higher Education Summit in San Diego to discuss Public-Private Partnerships opportunities in higher education. Topic:  Thinking about entering into a P3 engagement?  Good For You!  If so, here are some important questions to ask: What is the driving motivation for a P3 project engagement? Is the project suitable for a P3? Are […]

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Sep 23rd 2016 | Posted in Education by Priscilla Loebenberg

Houston’s Furr High School is helping redesign secondary education in America. The school was recently awarded a $10 million Super School Project grant from the XQ Institute.  Laurene Powell Jobs, the widow of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, chairs the institute’s board of directors and guides its mission to overhaul the public school system. Furr’s principal, Dr. […]

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Aug 5th 2016 | Posted in Education by Priscilla Loebenberg

Questions and challenges have arisen recently regarding Texas’ handgun laws due to two pieces of legislation enacted this year known as open carry and campus carry. Campus carry in particular has received widespread attention due to public debates over regulations at the university level. The open carry law (House Bill 910) went into effect Jan. […]

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Jul 22nd 2016 | Posted in Education by J Lyn Carl
Image showing a child in RRISD's NextGen classrooms pilot program
Photo: Round Rock Independent School District

While some public schools strive for 1-to-1 technology in their classrooms, where every student is issued a computer device for use at school and at home, the Round Rock Independent School District is instead focusing on integrating instructional technology in developing “next-generation classrooms.” The result of Round Rock ISD’s experiment with classroom technology is its Next Generation […]

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Jun 22nd 2016 | Posted in Education by Peter Partheymuller
Rendering of UC Merced's Project 2020
Rendering from UC Merced

Project 2020 will add about 920,000 square feet of space. New classrooms and research areas will be constructed as flexible, mixed-use spaces. The university’s allotment of student housing will double, and new dining facilities and recreational areas also will be built.

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Feb 5th 2016 | Posted in Education by Peter Partheymuller

Carnegie Foundation names Tech, three others Tier 1 universities Some 20 years ago, leaders made the decision to boost Texas Tech University research efforts and raise its national reputation as an elite university. Not long after that, the Texas Legislature announced its own intentions to increase the number of nationally recognized research universities in the […]

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Dec 4th 2015 | Posted in Education by Peter Partheymuller
Image of an infographic for Ruby Red Ventures, one of Mission EDC's initiatives

City’s development corporation puts emphasis on building out workforce, too A city’s economic development corporation is typically a fairly straightforward business. It does what it’s name implies: It seeks out business opportunities for the city, developing the town’s economic base. The Mission Economic Development Corporation (Mission EDC) does this too. In 2013, it led efforts […]

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Aug 14th 2015 | Posted in Education by Texas Government Insider

Dirt is being turned. Cranes are being erected. Trucks are lining up to deliver load after load of lumber and steel. It’s summer in Texas – and it’s the busiest time of the year for higher education construction projects. This particular summer, however, construction figures – and job figures as well – will likely surge […]

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May 6th 2015 | Posted in Education by Government Contracting Pipeline
Photo by Joe Wolf is licensed under CC BY 2.0

State funds totaling $128.7 million will be shared by more than 65 schools in Arkansas for building projects and upgrades and renovations, thanks to a state school facilities panel. The funding, which is for the 2015-16 school year, will help pay for more than a dozen new schools along with roofing, ventilation, fire alarm and […]

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Apr 24th 2015 | Posted in Education by Texas Government Insider
TSTC Chancellor Mike Reeser (right) presents and honorary Welding Degree to Gov. Greg Abbott.

As the nation’s workforce changes and employers look for workers whose skills and education are geared more toward high-tech and high-demand jobs, the need for and importance of educational institutions that offer technical instruction are growing as fast as their student populations. In Texas, at the forefront and leading the charge to ensuring enough skilled […]

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Apr 10th 2015 | Posted in Education by Texas Government Insider
Photo by Phil Roeder is licensed under CC BY 2.0

In Texas legislative sessions past, media reports on critical issues being deliberated, particularly ones involving state funding, included how both public and higher education would take another “hit.” Education always seemed to be on the short end of funding by the legislature – either by cuts in funding or what seemed like paltry funding increases […]

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Jan 30th 2015 | Posted in Education by Texas Government Insider

“This is not a layup,” said Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick regarding possible passage of tuition revenue bond (TRB) legislation in the current legislative session. There will be consideration of TRBs, Patrick said in an interview this week with Evan Smith of the Texas Tribune, but it will be “where there is some real need.” And, […]

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Dec 18th 2014 | Posted in Education, P3/PPP, Vertical by Government Contracting Pipeline
University of Connecticut logo

Facing a growing demand for student housing at the University of Connecticut (UConn) has forced university officials to be a little creative. As a result, the university’s Board of Trustees has authorized UConn officials to negotiate an agreement to buy the Nathan Hale Inn. University officials would like to use the inn, which is located […]

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Dec 18th 2014 | Posted in Education, Vertical by Government Contracting Pipeline
Indiana University logo

Indiana University is among the first institutions of higher education in the United States to use tax-exempt “green bonds” financing for building construction needs that also encourage sustainability. Green bonds are a relatively new financing tool in the American bond market. They allow investors to support sustainability and protection of the environment. Projects can range […]

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Dec 10th 2014 | Posted in Education, Technology, Vertical by Government Contracting Pipeline
Artist rendering

A partnership between the University of South Carolina, IBM and Fluor Corp. will result in the development of a technology research center on the USC campus. The center is hoped to help attract additional companies to the area as an “information destination,” according to USC President Harris Pastides. The proposal is geared toward helping businesses […]

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Dec 3rd 2014 | Posted in Education, Vertical by Government Contracting Pipeline
CSU logo

If President Tony Frank has his way, Colorado State University will build a new stadium on its campus, possibly without the use of funds from tuition, fees or state support. Frank recently recommended to the Board of Governors that the university build a new stadium either at a pared down cost of about $195 million […]

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