Feb 15th 2023 | Posted in Vertical by Texas Government Insider

Houston Spaceport 960 x 640 300x200 Houston Spaceport releases plans for Phase 2 developmentThe Houston Spaceport plans to add new tenants and release plans for a customer-focused Phase 2 development. The spaceport launches and lands suborbital, reusable launch vehicles as well as office spaces located on the southeast side of Ellington Airport.

Currently, the spaceport has leased land to three major tenants that are in different stages of construction with one already in operation. Those include a commercial space station company, a space exploration company and a technology corporation that supplies aerospace and defense products. It has two other large prospects looking at the spaceport as a potential site that could see $4 billion in contracts.

Phase 2 includes a couple of large additions to the spaceport’s infrastructure. The most significant being a full-length taxiway over 8,000 feet long to be constructed along Runway 4-22. This will open over 120 acres on the air side for development and connect the spaceport and the airport.

Houston Spaceport officials plan to select a contractor for the $150 million project by March with an estimated completion date for the taxiway by 2024. Future plans include developing the entire site and introducing hotels, education expansion and infrastructure such as roads.