dbj Dallas Business Journal 2010

  • Selling to Government: Learning opportunity – 12/03/2010
    Student enrollment at Texas colleges and universities continues to explode. Between 2008 and 2009, enrollment increased by 122,000, and the same growth patterns have continued through 2010. Texas is experiencing the largest enrollment growth in history. [more]
  • Government agencies in Texas put out calls for consulting, study services – 11/05/2010
    The public sector is often criticized for moving too slowly. However, this pace may not always be a negative. When millions of taxpayer dollars are on the line, public officials should ensure that projects are judiciously planned and executed. [more]
  • Selling to Government: Catch a ride on the money train – 10/03/2010
    Each year, governmental entities in Texas spend hundreds of millions of dollars on vehicles. The average taxpayer would be shocked to know how many transportation services are provided and how many vehicles must be maintained. [more]
  • Cashing in on Money: Public-sector entities spend millions for financial services – 09/05/2010
    There are so many contracting opportunities for financial services in the Texas public sector marketplace that this article is the second of a two-part series relating to those services. [more]
  • Selling to the Government: Financial services firms can find myriad of opportunities – 08/08/2010
    Most readers, and numerous financial firms, do not realize that contracting with public-sector entities for financial services is a huge marketplace. [more]
  • Transportation projects offer opportunities – 07/04/2010
    Transit authorities are launching initiatives and, as a result, thousands of contracting opportunities are available in Texas.
  • Parks jobs up for grabs – 06/06/2010
    A recent Texas Parks and Wildlife Department bond package, coupled with the May local government bond elections, made millions available for parks and recreation projects throughout the state. [more]
  • Selling to Government: Health care funding and mandated changes create contracting opportunities – 05/07/2010
    The Texas public sector health care marketplace offers hundreds of opportunities for government contractors in the next 18 months. [more]
  • Energy-solution funds flowing – 04/02/2010
    Millions of dollars in energy-efficiency stimulus funds were awarded recently to public entities throughout Texas … and millions more are on the way. Governmental entities will soon issue bids for energy-related contract work, but the time to contact decision-makers and get positioned to win the business is now. [more]
  • Hungry for work? Follow the bonds – 03/05/2010
    In spite of a downturn in the economy, over the past four years there has been only a slight drop in the number of local bond elections in Texas. That abnormality is obviously linked to the fact that population growth in Texas continues to escalate and local governments, especially school districts, must expand services. [more]
  • Construction boom on public university campuses creates new opportunities – 02/05/2010
    Texas’ public universities are in the midst of a construction boom because of surging enrollments, increasing interest in university health facilities and revenue flowing to some as a result of damages caused by Hurricane Ike. [more]
  • Do you serve airports? If so, there are opportunities on the horizon. – 01/01/2010
    Tap into money now flowing for Texas airport improvement projects. Here’s good advice for any company providing services that airports can use — check with them as soon as possible. Most have needs and funds to spend. [more]