dbj Dallas Business Journal 2012

  • Upcoming bond votes in Texas bring opportunities – 10/26/2012
    On Nov. 6, voters in Texas will decide the fate of numerous public projects totaling approximately $5.6 billion. This will be the largest cumulative bond package total amount in Texas since May 2008 and more than double the November 2011 level. [more]
  • TX has future public-private transportation initiatives – 09/07/2012
    Public-private partnerships (P3s) is a term that all Texans need to understand. We will hear a lot about P3s in the next few years and these initiatives will impact every taxpayer, public official, government employee and company of every size and type. [more]
  • Local governments look to private sector partners – 08/24/2012
    Nine municipalities have declared bankruptcy in the first six months of 2012. Another city appears to be only hours away from the same fate. In 2010, the country recorded six municipal bankruptcies and that number rose to 13 in 2011. [more]
  • Government services contracting opportunities – 07/27/2012
    It takes a lot of repair work to keep government operational. Considering the buildings, roads, bridges and public lands the state owns, it is not surprising that the demand for repair work is strong and continual. [more]
  • Opportunities in human resources – 06/29/2012
    Many public officials are encouraging outsourcing to cut costs and improve financial management. Thousands of people work in government, and in almost every governmental organization, human resource costs are very high. [more]
  • Get an edge in the fight for government funds – 06/15/2012
    Cooperative purchasing programs are so popular that vendors without contracts can be shut out. Public officials are looking for ways to do things quicker and with fewer resources. [more]
  • For business opportunities, look to Texas colleges – 05/25/2012
    University campuses have become a great place for firms to find big opportunities. As enrollment increases, so do demands on housing, technology, security and all types of services. New construction on college campuses is rampant in Texas. [more]
  • Transit projects offer opportunities for public sector – 04/20/2012
    As long as cities have traffic congestion, a need to move people and serious funding shortages, there will be an abundance of contracting opportunities with public transit agencies. In Texas, bus routes and rail lines are expanding and diversifying services. [more]
  • Infrastructure is being modernized in public sector, opening up opportunities for products and services – 03/23/2012
    The demand for wireless products and services is extremely strong in the Texas public sector. And, as wireless devices become more abundant and less expensive, public officials will find even more ways to use them. [more]
  • Get innovative to fund big projects – 03/02/2012
    In an era of shrinking public sector budgets, public officials are seeking innovative ways to fund critical projects. Public-private partnerships, also known as P3s, have become extremely attractive. [more]
  • Get linked up with technology projects – 01/06/2012
    Government is totally dependent on technology. In fact, without the help of technology tools to help manage systems, incoming calls, security, inventory, data and scheduling, public officials would not be able to function. [more]