dbj Dallas Business Journal 2008

  • High-tech haven – 12/12/2008
    The State of Texas spends billions each year on the purchase, implementation, operation, upgrade and maintenance of large, complex technology systems. The systems are necessary for critical government operations such as finance, HR, case management, federal reporting requirements and more. Next year, Texans will see funding increase significantly for many complete system upgrades, overhauls and replacements. [more]
  • Selling to government | Property management – 11/14/2008
    Many governmental agencies such as cities, counties and school districts contract with private firms for professional services related to facilities. Companies offering such services will find hundreds of opportunities in the coming year. Primarily, governmental entities contract for services that include maintenance, security, planning, inspections and assessments as well as total outsourcing of all facility-related operations. [more]
  • How to get co-operative – 10/10/2008
    Government co-op purchasing agreements can be lucrative with quick pay and turnaround times
    Traditional government solicitations are often lengthy, costly and frustrating. But that does not have to be the case. Government decision-makers are also interested in a quicker process. [more]
  • Getting the Word Out – 9/12/2008
    Government funding is flowing to contractors who can provide communication solutions
    Most public entities in Texas have new budgets in place, with spending for 2009 already started. One noticeable trend is that public safety concerns and increasing expectations from citizens are causing cities, counties and public agencies to allocate large sums of money for more robust and secure communications systems. [more]
  • Healthy spending – 8/22/2008
    State and local government agencies are poised to spend more than $1 trillion, much of it in the area of health care
    State and local governments are on track to spend more than $1 trillion for the first time in 2008 — about 13% of the nation’s gross domestic product. Much of that money goes to private sector contractors who offer goods and services to the health care segment of government. [more]
  • Back to school – 7/25/2008
    Educational institutions’ technology and security needs boost business opportunities for contractors
    Educational institutions in Texas are a huge marketplace for vendors and service providers. Billions of dollars are spent each year by schools, colleges and universities. This marketplace is only going to get larger as enrollment grows and technology becomes more important to educational excellence. [more]
  • Playing it safe – 7/11/2008
    Billions are spent each year on public-sector security
    Texas governmental entities are spending more each year to protect facilities, property, employees, students and the general public from harm. Since the terrorist attacks on 9/11, security spending has increased significantly. Pubic-sector spending on security, in Texas alone, exceeds $1 billion dollars each year. [more]
  • Zeroing in – 6/13/2008
    State agencies, such as the Health and Human Services Commission, are prime targets for private-sector firms
    Market analysts predict that this year alone, governmental agencies will spend more than $2.75 trillion dollars with outside contractors. That makes the public sector one massive marketplace. [more]
  • Going Public – 5/30/2008
    Companies that are unfamiliar with government procurement processes all too often shy away from the public-sector marketplace. The most common reason is a belief that winning business is simply too difficult or just not worth the effort it takes. [more]
  • Going after government jobs – 5/2/2008
    Public-sector contracting remains active with parks, libraries and museums
    As Texas grows, so does the need for libraries, jogging trails, performing arts centers, parks, athletic facilities, theaters and museums. And while the private sector slows as the result of an economy that is less than stellar, governmental entities announce large new projects on a weekly basis. There are literally thousands of opportunities for companies positioned to sell to the public sector. [more]
  • Building prison walls – 3/28/2008
    Criminal justice systems throughout the country have produced unique contracting opportunities for private sector firms. Trends that are changing the face of criminal justice… [more]
  • Road Work – 2/15/2008
    Texas’ transportation system — the largest in the country — offers billions in contracting opportunities

    Driving down any road or highway, you may be thinking about ways to grow your business. If so, it’s possible you’d be sitting on top of the answer. Transportation in Texas is so large it offers almost every conceivable type of contracting opportunity. [more]

  • What recession? – 2/1/2008
    The residential sector — and, in some areas of Texas, the commercial sector — may be seeing a slowdown in construction activity, but public-sector projects in the state are ramping up in a big way. Governmental entities have millions of dollars to spend in 2008 and 2009 for all types of development and infrastructure projects. [more]
  • It’s earmark time – 1/4/2008
    There are many things to watch for as one year wraps up and another begins. For Texas contractors, one of the most anticipated events is the influx of new federal dollars that flow into Texas via Washington, D.C. [more]