dbj Dallas Business Journal 2006

  • Expect more spending – 12/29/2006
    Texas’ expected budget surplus won’t last long, considering all the demands for state dollars. [more]
  • Keeping things Scientific – 12/08/2006
    Sometimes, a single statistic can break down a complex economic trend to an unmistakable and often startling fact. Consider this one: in 1956 the United States graduated twice as many individuals earning physics degrees as it did in 2004. [more]
  • Opportunities on the move: Look to transportation districts for large and diverse contracting opportunities in the months to come – 10/16/2006
    Most Texans are aware that the state received hundreds of millions of dollars in homeland security funds over the past couple of years. What most Texans don’t know is how the money was used. [more]
  • Following the money: Companies hoping to procure homeland security-related contracts can gain valuable insight by tracking previous contract awards – 9/11/2006
    Most Texans are aware that the state received hundreds of millions of dollars in homeland security funds over the past couple of years. What most Texans don’t know is how the money was used. [more]
  • Tantalizing tech: School district expansions mean big opportunities for technology suppliers – 8/11/2006
    Texas voters, in the past year, have approved billions of dollars in funding for school districts throughout the state. Almost every bond issue that passed had some allocation for technology products and services and most had extremely large allocations for technology. [more]
  • Getting into the fast lane: Want government business? Contracting vehicles could be the answer – 7/14/2006
    Texans are notorious for loving good vehicles. Sophisticated government contractors also appreciate fine vehicles, but most of all they love “contracting vehicles.” [more]
  • Contracts worth securing: Homeland security funds are worth watching – 6/9/2006
    Homeland security funds are flowing into Texas like never before and governmental entities across Texas are making numerous diversified purchases. Contractors should take note. [more]
  • School’s out: While students are gone during the summer break, it’s time for contractors to move in – 5/12/2006
    The inevitable Texas heat has returned and that can only mean one thing — summer is approaching. For most, the summer months conjure up thoughts of empty and idle school buildings, but the fact is that many school campuses will be very busy places, and it will not be unusual to find them teeming with contractors trying to wrap up improvements and handle expansions before pupils return to classes. [more]
  • Bond bonanza: Bond elections are likely to yield huge contracting opportunities – 4/14/2006
    Opportunities to do business with local governments and school districts will grow exponentially if Metroplex voters authorize more than $2 billion worth of public projects. [more]
  • Recovery in full swing: Funding and contracting opportunities are still abundant for hurricane-related work – 3/10/2006
    On any given day, media reports could lead you to believe that either no funding is flowing to alleviate problems caused by last year’s hurricanes or that all clean-up and rebuilding contracts have already been awarded. In fact there is an abundance of money flowing and contracts are still being let weekly for new work. [more]
  • Finding a new focus: School Land Board soon will be looking to make commercial real estate investments – 2/10/2006
    The Texas School Land Board, a division of the General Land Office, recently made a momentous policy decision that merits the full attention of real estate professionals and developers throughout the country. [more]
  • Get a jump on opportunities: By analyzing current government contracts you can keep ahead of the competition – 1/6/2006
    Knowledge is king and, in the realm of public sector contracting, there are few informational tools more valuable than the Texas Legislative Budget Board’s annual contracts report. [more]