dbj Dallas Business Journal 2005

  • Go green, get green: The government is in energy conservation mode, and that could put greenbacks in your company’s coffers – 12/9/2005
    Here’s an information alert that should be of great interest to companies in the energy sector — especially energy-related firms that contract with government entities. Gov. Rick Perry recently issued an executive order that lays out new mandates for energy conservation in more than 200 state agencies in Texas. [more]
  • Job training opportunity: More money has been allocated for the Texas Workforce Commmission’s job training program and D-FW area businesses can benefit – 11/25/2005
    The Texas economy is flourishing. Businesses in the Metroplex are picking up more steam each month. As companies grow and competition becomes greater, Texas employers will strive even harder to maximize quality and increase profit margins. [more]
  • Lucrative targets: Local governments have finalized budgets; now’s the time for contractors to go after that business – 10/21/2005
    Now that Oct. 1 has come and gone, most cities and counties in the Metroplex have finalized and are implementing newly funded budgets. Local government budgets increased significantly this year. Now is the time for contractors of all types to make sure they know what initiatives, services and products were funded in the new budgets. [more]
  • Rebuilding the coast: Local businesses can pursue contracts for helping with the reconstruction and cleanup after Hurricane Katrina – 9/23/2005
    At last count, more than $60 billion worth of property and assets must be replaced due to the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina. Buildings must be rebuilt, roads must be repaired, technology must be replaced and entire communities and cities must essentially start again from ground zero. It’s a monumental task — and one the government can’t handle without businesses’ help. [more]