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  • Billions likely to be spent on water projects in Texas – 05/10/2013
    Billions of dollars will be spent in Texas on water projects in the next few years. At least, that is what should happen. The demand for water-related infrastructure in Texas will create opportunities for engineering, construction, technology and professional service firms as well as contractors and resellers of various supplies and equipment. [more]
  • $4.5B in bond elections would create hundreds of contracting opportunities across Texas – 03/29/2013
    Texans will be asked to vote on bond packages in more than 70 cities, community colleges, hospital districts and school districts on May 11. The outcome will decide the fate of $4.5 billion in new bond funding. [more]
  • P3s becoming more common in Texas – 03/15/2013
    There has been an abundance of press about public-private partnerships coming out of legislative offices recently. The idea that the planned Capitol Complex might be developed by a public-private partnership has some legislators extremely unhappy. [more]
  • Texas universities balance declining revenue with record enrollment – 02/22/2013
    University and community college executives in Texas face extremely difficult mandates. They must find ways to keep pace with historic student enrollment growth while adjusting to drastic reductions in state funding. [more]
  • 2013 government security, public safety solutions – 01/25/2013
    Companies with security and public safety solutions will find numerous contracting opportunities in Texas in the next few months. Many governmental entities are planning to contract with outside firms to install and maintain security access and surveillance video camera systems. [more]
  • Enrollment leads to bond elections, opportunities – 01/04/2013
    Community college systems in Texas are experiencing explosive growth in enrollment, and that trend is expected to escalate even more in the coming year. These growth trends place a tremendous strain on facilities, teacher recruitment, technology and personnel. [more]

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