hbj Houston Business Journal 2011

  • Government technology spending will be brisk going into new year – 12/23/2011
    Government is totally dependent on technology. In fact, without technology tools to help them manage systems, incoming calls, security, inventory, data and scheduling, public officials would not be able to function. [more]
  • Look for variety of telecom product and service purchases next year – 12/09/2011
    Public officials are set to purchase telecommunication products and services at a rapid pace in 2012. Technology products and services are being classified as essential because of staff reductions throughout the state at all levels of government. [more]
  • Increased data collection creates need – 11/11/2011
    The amount of electronic data that governments must collect, maintain and display grows exponentially every year. The sheer volume is almost unbelievable. [more]
  • Public university construction picks up – 10/28/2011
    Construction opportunities on university campuses in Texas will be abundant in the next few months in spite of the fact that legislators failed to give public universities the authority to issue tuition revenue bonds. Some planned projects could be delayed because of the bonding issue, but there are other financing mechanisms available. [more]
  • A secret for the quickest way to sell to government agencies – 10/14/2011
    There is a little-known secret about the quickest way to sell to governmental agencies: Become part of a cooperative purchasing program. Experienced government contractors know all about cooperative purchasing programs. [more]
  • Capital improvement projects at stake in November bond elections – 09/30/2011
    In November, voters in 34 Texas communities will be asked to approve approximately $2.3 billion in bond funding for capital improvement projects. Although the number of bond elections is fewer than in past years, the average bond package size is more than double what was seen in May, when 84 bond elections totaling $2.6 billion were held. [more]
  • Government leans heavily on private sector for billing, collection services – 09/16/2011
    Most people would be surprised to realize how many government contracting opportunities exist for vendors offering solutions for billing and collections. Government has always leaned heavily on the private sector for these types of administrative services, but because of economic conditions throughout the state, even more opportunities in this area are anticipated in the coming year. [more]
  • Government insurance needs create lucrative marketplace – 09/02/2011
    Insurance companies, third-party administrators and professional-service companies will find the public sector an attractive marketplace in the coming year. Cities, counties, school districts and special districts are required to carry many forms of insurance. [more]
  • Increased productivity, cost-cuts get attention of government entities – 08/26/2011
    In spite of dramatic funding cuts to public-sector budgets throughout the state, technology spending by government officials will increase in the coming year. That is because technology offers a way to increase productivity and cut costs at the same time, and public officials are desperate for something that provides that outcome. [more]
  • Legislature ensures funding for statewide capital projects – 08/12/2011
    Texas developers, contractors and architecture and engineering firms interested in infrastructure and constructions projects received a big boost from the Texas Legislature this past session. Several bills signed by the governor provide funding and funding mechanisms that pave the way for much-needed capital projects throughout Texas. [more]
  • Parks, recreational facilities provide endless contracting opportunities – 07/08/2011
    Parks, greenbelts, hike-and-bike trail systems and other recreational facilities are extremely important in enhancing the quality of life for Texas communities. The state’s growing population and increasing demand for safe places to exercise and play provide numerous opportunities for contractors large and small. [more]
  • Abundance of facilities contracts available – 06/24/2011
    Companies that offer services related to facilities and equipment will be glad to hear that there are many upcoming opportunities in government marketplaces, as well as an abundance of immediate opportunities. Public entities in Texas own and operate thousands of buildings. [more]
  • State’s continued growth means more contract opportunities – 05/13/2011
    Recent census data has confirmed what Texans already know — this state has seen tremendous growth, especially in the Rio Grande Valley and suburban areas. Texas is, in fact, the seventh fastest-growing state. [more]
  • Upcoming bond votes may result in many contract opportunities – 04/01/2011
    On May 14, 60 Texas cities, counties, community colleges, hospital districts and school districts will ask voters to approve more than $2.3 billion in bond funding to complete critical facilities and infrastructure needs. [more]
  • Texas companies on track to score transit project contracts – 03/18/2011
    While funding for Texas highways is scarce, there is more than ample funding in the works for rail and bus projects. The February announcement indicating the federal government may invest $53 billion more for construction of a national high-speed and intercity passenger rail network made it obvious that urban, commuter rail and bus rapid-transit projects will provide contracting opportunities for many years. [more]
  • Government entities seeking cost-control, cost-reduction options – 03/04/2011
    As government organizations develop their 2012 budgets, they are all seeking cost-reduction and cost-containment options. The fact that there is less money for them to spend should alert government contractors to numerous new opportunities. [more]
  • Identifying opportunities early can provide competitive edge – 02/18/2011
    Over the last two years, competition has significantly increased for construction firms working in government marketplaces. There are many reasons why this is true, but the competition is primarily driven by fewer construction opportunities in the private sector. [more]
  • Responding to RFIs can provide firms with a competitive advantage – 02/04/2011
    It is common for new government contractors to become confused by a solicitation document called a Request for Information, or RFI. What does that mean? [more]
  • Public-private partnerships help government projects stay on track – 01/21/2011
    State and local government budgets are tight, and many public entities have halted or curtailed new construction projects. However, in many instances, it is more costly to maintain old and inefficient buildings or purchase portable buildings because of overcrowding. [more]
  • New audits mean millions of dollars in contract opportunities – 01/07/2011
    Audit firms capture millions of dollars in new business each year from cities, counties, school districts and state agencies across Texas. Those numbers are expected to increase significantly in the coming months. [more]