hbj Houston Business Journal 2008

  • State has plans for numerous tech projects in coming year – 12/12/2008
    Evolving trends in government almost always spawn opportunities for private sector government contractors. Here are some significant trends to watch.[more]
  • Changing government trends often provide opportunities – 11/28/2008
    Evolving trends in government almost always spawn opportunities for private sector government contractors. Here are some significant trends to watch.[more]
  • Demand for digital video technology is strong in local government sectors – 11/17/2008
    Local governments nationwide are investing heavily in digital video technology.There are many reasons for this trend.[more]
  • State agencies ask legislators for large increases in funding – 10/31/2008
    The next legislative session is less than three months away and state agencies have been submitting funding requests for the past few months.[more]
  • Cooperative contracts are a good way to shorten government sales cycles – 10/03/2008
    Traditional government solicitations are often lengthy, costly and frustrating. However, that does not have to be the case. Government decision-makers are also interested in a quicker process. [more]
  • 2009 could shape up to be a good year for government contractors – 9/19/2008
    Cities, counties and school districts throughout Texas are winding up budget-planning and approval processes for 2009. Those who closely follow the budget process are noticing some interesting trends. [more]
  • Funding is flowing to contractors with communications solutions – 9/05/2008
    Most public entities in Texas have new budgets in place and spending for 2009 has already started. [more]
  • State and local government agencies are poised to spend more than $1 trillion, much of it in the area of health care – 8/22/2008
    State and local governments are on track to spend more than $1 trillion for the first time in 2008 … about 13 percent of the nation’s gross domestic product. [more]
  • Don’t overlook governmental entities with lots of facilities – 8/08/2008
    Governmental entities with numerous facilities are prime business targets for government contractors. Public facilities require continual maintenance, all kinds of products, specialized professionals and… [more]
  • Public-sector spending continues despite economic downturn – 7/25/2008
    Texans are well aware of the economic downturn that is impacting the entire country. While no industry sector is exempt during a slowdown, the public sector is always somewhat immune. [more]
  • Contractors shouldn’t overlook the education marketplace in Texas – 7/11/2008
    Billions of dollars are spent each year by schools, colleges and universities and this marketplace is only going to get larger as enrollment grows and technology becomes more important to educational excellence. [more]
  • Billions being spent each year on public-sector security – 6/27/2008
    Texas governmental entities in the past have spent millions of dollars a year to protect facilities, property, employees, students and the general public from harm. [more]
  • State agencies become prime targets for private-sector firms – 6/13/2008
    Market analysts predict governmental agencies will spend more than $2.75 trillion with outside contractors in 2008. [more]
  • Some golden rules of selling that should never be broken – 6/6/2008
    Gen. Douglas MacArthur once said, “You are remembered for the rules you break.” Some rules are made to be broken or at least stretched a little. Others are best left as is. Here are the rules for selling that should never be broken. [more]
  • Targeting the public sector marketplace is well worth the effort – 5/30/2008
    Firms unfamiliar with government procurement processes all too often shy away from the public sector marketplace. The most common reason is a belief that winning business is simply too difficult or just not worth the effort it takes. [more]
  • Population growth stimulating major boom in leisure facilities – 5/2/2008
    As Texas grows, so does the need for libraries, jogging trails, performing arts centers, parks, athletic facilities, theaters, museums and other types of leisure facilities. [more]
  • School’s ending, but billions in district spending is on the board – 4/18/2008
    In a matter of weeks, voters will go to the polls and could approve $7 billion in new funding for school districts in Texas. Construction, engineering, design, technology and security firms should pay close attention. [more]
  • Government employees listen when talk centers on efficiency – 4/4/2008
    In highly competitive private sector environments, information management systems are critical components that allow firms to operate efficiently and effectively. The same types of… [more]
  • Criminal justice systems reaching out to private-sector partners – 3/21/2008
    A number of converging trends in criminal justice systems throughout the country have produced unique contracting opportunities for private sector firms. [more]
  • Public safety contracting opportunities shouldn’t be overlooked – 3/7/2008
    One of the key missions at every level of government is security — ensuring the safety of citizens and the entire homeland. [more]
  • Transportation opportunities available locally in abundance – 2/22/2008
    Texas is known for its wide-open spaces, and most people think about road building projects when considering government contracting opportunities related to transportation. [more]
  • If you’re interested in a huge new market, look at TxDOT – 2/8/2008
    Driving down any road or highway you might find yourself thinking about ways to grow a business. [more]
  • Public sector building up to higher construction spending – 1/25/2008
    As the housing market and construction in general slows in the commercial sector, the public sector is ramping up in a big way. [more]
  • College, university contracting opportunities often overlooked – 1/11/2008
    An abundance of often-overlooked contracting opportunities can be found on the campuses of Texas colleges and universities. [more]