hbj Houston Business Journal 2010

  • Expert planners sought for Texas public service contracts – 10/29/2010
    The public sector is often criticized for moving too slowly. However, that pace may not always be a drawback. When millions of taxpayer dollars are on the line, public officials should ensure that projects are judiciously planned and executed. [more]
  • Privatizing effort leads to more public spending in Texas – 10/17/2010
    Government entities in Texas are experiencing dramatic change as a result of the intersection of social and economic issues. Although privatization and outsourcing are concepts that have received negative media coverage in the past, the outlook is for more of both in the future. [more]
  • Time for Texas contractors to tune in to fall bond elections – 10/03/2010
    Every May and November in Texas, voters are asked to approve billions in bond funding for big-ticket projects. They usually approve bond packages because the projects are often critical for the region. [more]
  • Time for Texas vendors to lock up law enforcement contracts – 09/05/2010
    One of the primary goals of government is to provide for the safety and well-being of citizens. Millions of dollars are allocated each year for public safety and corrections. [more]
  • Numbers add up nicely for Texas financial services contract bids – 08/22/2010
    Financial services opportunities in the Texas public sector marketplace continue to expand. Although this column recently focused on contracts related specifically to banking services, there are even more opportunities within other niche areas under the financial services umbrella that government entities require each year. [more]
  • Texas well-schooled in lucrative bond issue construction projects – 07/04/2010
    The public sector construction market continues to build momentum in Texas, especially in the school district sector. Contracting opportunities are abundant now and thousands more are being planned, but the environment is becoming highly competitive as more firms become aware of the revenue potential. [more]
  • Texas vendors can drive business with transit authority projects – 06/20/2010
    Transit authorities are launching new initiatives and, as a result, thousands of new contracting opportunities are available in Texas. Most efforts are designed to alleviate traffic congestion, improve air quality or provide better service to citizens and taxpayers. [more]
  • Time for Texas vendors to plug into electronic data contracts – 06/06/2010
    Local government collects millions of public documents each year. Everything from marriage licenses, building permits, court records, restaurant inspections, tax filings, police reports, audits, regulatory matters and more are kept in data files. [more]
  • Bond packages park more funds in state recreation projects – 05/23/2010
    A recent Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, or TPWD, bond package, coupled with the May local government bond elections, made millions available for parks and recreation projects throughout the state. [more]
  • Reduced city, state budgets big break for Texas contractors – 05/09/2010
    Public officials at every level of government are starting to work on budgets for the next fiscal year, and most are in painful struggles to shrink gaps between revenues and expenditures. [more]
  • Stimulus energy funds heat up Texas business opportunities – 03/26/2010
    Millions of dollars in energy efficiency stimulus funds were recently awarded to public entities throughout Texas…and millions more are on the way. Texas fared very well in the federal allocation process.[more]
  • Security concerns bring Texas business opportunities into focus – 03/12/2010
    Local governments throughout Texas have public safety needs and money to spend. Federal funds flowing to Texas for public safety initiatives continue to see healthy boosts each year.[more]
  • Look to bond elections to solidify your business prospects – 02/26/2010
    Interestingly, during the last four years there has been only a slight drop in the number of local bond elections in Texas, despite the recent economic downturn.[more]
  • Financial services vendors can bank on sales this year – 02/12/2010
    Governmental entities, on an annual basis, purchase an abundance of financial services. However, with budgets extremely tight in 2010, this could be a banner year for such purchases.[more]