hbj Houston Business Journal 2005

  • Analyze state agency contracts to get jump on the competition – 12/30/2005
    Savvy government contractors know that in order to succeed in the public sector marketplace, it’s essential to stay one step ahead of the competition. Knowing which governmental entities to target is critically important. [more]
  • Government going green could help fill the coffers of Texas firms – 12/9/2005
    Houston firms that offer energy efficient products and services — as well as those that produce energy — stand to benefit from recent mandates handed down by Texas Gov. Rick Perry to all state agencies. [more]
  • State agencies should be a prime customer target base for IT firms – 11/18/2005
    Most IT firms would consider any organization with 226,000 workers, a hunger for outsourcing, and an established process for buying hardware and software an attractive prospect for IT services. Well, that description exactly fits the State of Texas. [more]
  • More state funds available for job training and development – 11/4/2005
    As the economy grows stronger and Houston businesses continue to flourish, the quandary of finding and training skilled workers becomes palpable. [more]
  • This is a lucrative time of year for potential government deals – 10/21/2005
    With almost every sizable county and city in the Houston area having finalized its budget for fiscal year 2006, now is the time for government contractors to check out what got funded. [more]
  • Houston to get large portion of state funding for port projects – 10/7/2005
    Governmental entities in Houston walked away from the latest tussle for homeland security funds as big winners. As a result, there will soon be dozens of lucrative contracting opportunities for companies with goods and services to offer. [more]
  • Opportunities exist for Katrina clean-up, restoration contracts – 9/23/2005
    At last count, there is more than $60 billion worth of property and assets that must be replaced due to the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina. Buildings must be rebuilt, roads must be repaired, technology must be replaced and entire communities and cities must essentially start again from ground zero. It’s a monumental task — and one the government can’t handle without help from businesses. [more]
  • Governmental entities gearing up for construction spending – 9/9/2005
    The most recent state appropriations bill should be favorably received by architectural, engineering and construction firms in the Houston area. The State of Texas has allocated hundreds of millions of dollars to be spent on all types of construction projects. [more]
  • State road projects shift into high gear with new funds – 8/26/2005
    Transportation issues are hot topics, and the subject is about to get hotter as Texas embarks on hundreds of new road projects. [more]