hbj Houston Business Journal 2012

  • TxDOT has abundance of opportunities – 11/30/2012
    Transportation projects will be economic drivers throughout Texas in the coming months. The Texas Department of Transportation has an abundance of upcoming opportunities that should make construction, engineering and professional services firms very happy. [more]
  • State agency upgrades mean vendor – 11/09/2012
    As state agencies plan for new technology expenditures in the next fiscal year, tech firms are offered an inside look at likely purchases. The emerging picture will be attractive to firms selling software, hardware, network service and cloud computing. [more]
  • State budget requests include tech, software – 11/02/2012
    State agencies have submitted their Legislative Appropriation Requests, which should make technology and software firms extremely happy. Many government officials are requesting funding for new projects and programs, and almost all will require technology purchases. [more]
  • High-dollar contracting in public transportation – 10/26/2012
    Contractors, consultants and technology firms should definitely pay attention to public transportation authorities in the near future. There are numerous high-dollar contracting opportunities on the immediate horizon. [more]
  • Bond elections will provide contracting opportunities – 10/19/2012
    On Nov. 6, voters in Texas will decide the fate of numerous public projects totaling approximately $5.6 billion. This will be the largest cumulative bond package total amount in Texas since May 2008 and more than double the November 2011 level. [more]
  • Term contracts for products can be lucrative – 10/05/2012
    Texas cities, counties, community colleges and state agencies are just a few of the many public entities that purchase products worth millions of dollars every year. Most purchases are made through what is known as a term contract, one in which a source of supply is established for a specific period of time at a predetermined price, whether for products or services. [more]
  • Public-private partnership opportunities abound – 09/07/2012
    Public-private partnerships is a term all Texans need to understand. We will hear a lot about these partnerships in the next few years, and these initiatives will impact companies of every size and type. [more]
  • Public entities provide local preference for vendors – 08/24/2012
    It was common in the past for public entities in small Texas communities to provide preferential treatment to local vendors. The reasoning was that it helped stimulate the local economy. [more]
  • Governments seeking solutions from private-sector – 08/10/2012
    Nine municipalities have declared bankruptcy in the first six months of 2012. Another city appears to be only hours away from the same fate. In 2010, the country recorded six municipal bankruptcies and that number rose to 13 in 2011. [more]
  • Government services contracting opps strong – 07/27/2012
    It takes a lot of repair work to keep government operational. Considering the buildings, roads, bridges and public lands the state owns, it is not surprising that the demand for repair work is strong and continual. [more]
  • Billions in infrastructure projects being funded across Texas – 07/06/2012
    Billions of dollars have been allocated for upcoming Texas infrastructure projects. Public officials plan to build roads, repair bridges, add toll lanes and construct bike paths, trails and sidewalks. [more]
  • HR contracting opportunities plentiful; outsourcing trend growing – 06/22/2012
    Thousands of people work in government and in almost every governmental organization, human resource costs are very high. Many public officials aggressively encourage HR outsourcing in an attempt to reduce costs and improve financial management. [more]
  • Listing with Co-op purchase programs important – 06/08/2012
    Public officials are looking for ways to do things quicker and with fewer resources. One good example is the increased use of cooperative purchasing programs. Government executives are increasingly using these programs rather than going through a formal procurement process. [more]
  • Remember the gov’t when selling commodities – 05/25/2012
    Got commodities for sale? Don’t overlook the government as a possible client. Public entities spend billions of dollars on products and equipment each year. [more]
  • Professional services fast-growing area of government outsourcing – 05/11/2012
    Public officials throughout the country spend millions each month with firms that provide professional services. In fact, considering the wide range of services that fall into what the public sector classifies as professional services, it is understandable why this is one of the fastest-growing areas of government outsourcing. [more]
  • Increasing enrollment equals increase in bid opps – 04/27/2012
    University campuses have become a great place for firms to find big opportunities. As enrollment increases, so do demands on housing, technology, security and all types of services. [more]
  • Texas voters to decide fate of $1.8B in bond issues – 04/20/2012
    On May 12, residents in 60 Texas communities, including 11 cities, two community colleges, one hospital district and 46 school districts, will vote on bond propositions totaling approximately $1.8 billion. [more]
  • Texas’ continuing traffic woes provide abundant public transportation contract opportunities – 03/30/2012
    As long as cities have traffic congestion, a need to move people and serious funding shortages, there will be an abundance of contracting opportunities with public transit agencies. In Texas, bus routes and rail lines are expanding and diversifying services. [more]
  • New uses for wireless products creates contracting opportunities – 03/16/2012
    The demand for wireless products and services is extremely strong in the Texas public sector. And, as wireless devices become more abundant and less expensive, public officials will find even more ways to use them. [more]
  • Public sector frequently needs financial services – 03/02/2012
    Financial firms will find high demand for their services in the public sector throughout the year. In addition to an ongoing need for audit work, public officials have been turning to outside firms as they search for cost savings, tax-collection solutions and options for the administration of benefit programs. [more]
  • Projects addressing Texas water shortages lead to variety of opportunities – 02/17/2012
    Water has become a scarce commodity in Texas and, as a result, there are numerous contracting opportunities. One community in Burnet County recently hired a contractor to deliver water by truck. [more]
  • Many Texas public safety, criminal justice projects escape budget knife – 02/03/2012
    Government budget cuts have been significant, but there are a few areas that rarely see reductions. Public safety and criminal justice are sometimes called “sacred cows” because public officials know that providing safe communities is one of the most basic government services. [more]
  • Population increases drive school construction, tech upgrades – 01/13/2012
    Population growth in Texas shows no signs of slowing down. As a result, the need for new school buildings, renovation of existing facilities and updated technology continues to increase. [more]