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  • Opportunities for consultants found at all levels – 03/29/2013
    Professional service companies are in high demand as governmental entities are seeking outside experts for lots of new initiatives. Government contracts are flowing to firms that offer consulting services in finance, investments, human resources and benefits, audits, process redesign and operational improvement. [more]
  • 2013 bonds could yield contracting opportunities – 03/15/2013
    Texas voters will be asked to vote May 11 on bond packages in more than 70 cities, community college districts, hospital districts and school districts. The outcomes will decide the fate of $4.5 billion in new bond funding. [more]
  • P3s continue to gain adoption among state… – 02/22/2013
    There has been an abundance of press coverage about public-private partnerships coming out of legislative offices recently. The idea that the planned Capitol complex might be developed by public-private partnerships, or a P3, has some legislators extremely unhappy. [more]

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