abj Austin Business Journal 2001

  • Federal funds flowing into the Lone Star State – 12/17/2001
    As businesses in the private sector cut spending and aggressively pursue commercial opportunities because of the country’s economic situation, the public sector marketplace becomes more appealing… [more]
  • Agencies gear up for fight against terrorism – 12/03/2001
    There’s been a flurry of activity on the state level as Texas attempts to steel its infrastructure and protect its people against terrorism. Emergency concerns involving communications, information exchange, evacuation procedure and “first response” protection are critical topics… [more]
  • Terrorist threats prompt government spending – 11/19/2001
    Recent events in American history have provided business opportunities with patriotic overtones never before imagined. While many have discussed the negative financial ramifications caused by the terrorist attacks, there also will be opportunities from governmental sectors because of new needs and demands.. [more]
  • Don’t overlook counties as a source of revenue – 11/05/2001
    State government is a high-profile buyer of goods, spending millions each year with vendors and service providers of all types. It could be tempting for private contractors to focus only on state agencies because these contracts are historically quite large… [more]
  • Telecom agency awards millions in state grants – 10/22/2001
    The state Telecommunications Infrastructure Fund Board recently awarded millions of dollars in grant funding for fiscal 2001-02. Many of the grants went to local entities and, as a result, numerous opportunities will be available for local vendors and service providers to sell telecommunications technology equipment and services… [more]