abj Austin Business Journal 2009

  • Public-private deals growing 11/20/2009
    Texas public sector entities are finding innovative ways to finance large infrastructure and facility construction projects. The current credit environment and recession have made it increasingly difficult for governmental entities to finance large initiatives. [more]
  • Public safety needs offer hundreds of opportunities in Texas09/25/2009
    Companies with services and solutions related to public safety should not overlook Texas’ public sector during the next 24 months. The first place to focus would be the Texas Department of Public Safety. [more]
  • Technology service providers in high demand at state level8/28/2009
    Technology vendors who are not watching activities at state government may miss huge opportunities in the next few months. Each governmental entity has a new two-year budget, and most received federal stimulus funding as well. After analyzing budget allocations and spending plans, it is obvious that technology is in high demand. [more]
  • Governments rely heavily on others with financial solutions8/7/2009
    Taxpayers today are extremely concerned about how their tax dollars are being spent. Accountability and transparency have never been more important. [more]
  • Safety, emergency preparedness drive opportunities in Texas7/17/2009
    Historic increases in federal funds will flow into the state for enhancing public safety this year. Government contractors should be ever watchful because opportunities for government contracting will be diverse and abundant. [more]
  • Opportunities at hand for energy efficiency 6/12/2009
    Welcome to a vibrant Texas marketplace where public sector decision makers have funds and an immediate interest in buying energy efficiency and energy conservation solutions. [more]
  • Water-related infrastructure projects account for millions5/22/2009
    Texas’ growing population is driving demand for new and enhanced infrastructure in a historic way. Cities, counties, school districts and regional coalitions must provide for the growth. [more]
  • Professional services always in need among governments 4/24/2009
    Texas will receive more than $5 billion in stimulus money. The funding, coming from many federal sources, is not easy to track, but the time and effort involved is worth it. [ more]
  • Food-related contracts are big-ticket items for government 4/10/2009
    While many government contractors are focused on federal stimulus money, there are other basic recurring government contracting opportunities that are equally lucrative.[more]
  • Opportunity knocks as billions in stimulus to flow into Texas 3/10/2009 
    The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act will be remembered as one of the most-watched pieces of legislation ever enacted by the federal government. Because the amount of money the bill dumps into local economies is so large — almost $1 trillion — it has created a historic flurry of anticipation.[more]
  • Funding is available for those who know where, how to seek 3/06/2009 
    In Texas, there are thousands of funding sources with money through thousands of grant programs for almost everything a community or region could want to build or buy.[more]
  • Outsourcing of governmental tasks will be prevalent in 2009 – 2/06/2009
    There may always be controversy about government outsourcing. Some people simply believe that only government should handle certain functions. But when faced with declining revenues, tight budgets, a need for specialized expertise and increased mandates, governmental entities have no option than to consider outsourcing or private contractors. This will not change in the near future, if ever. [more]