abj Austin Business Journal 2005

  • Effort to go green offers chances for energy-related firms – 12/9/2005
    Here is an information alert that should catch the attention of all Central Texas firms with energy-related solutions and services. In response to higher energy costs, Gov. Rick Perry has issued an executive order that calls for all state agencies to step up their energy conservation efforts. [more]
  • State training can help meet shortages in Austin’s workforce – 11/25/2005
    Could anyone argue that Austin is experiencing a booming economy? Certainly not. Employers are optimistic, job growth is increasing, and the unemployment rate remains low in spite of business losses associated with the recent hurricanes. [more]
  • Efforts to improve border security will help Texas companies – 11/11/2005
    Never before has the need to protect the state’s border been more prevalent. The threat of terrorists infiltrating the United States through Texas and the growing gang violence at the Mexican border have prompted both state and federal governments to invest significantly in border resources. This renewed emphasis on border protection is already yielding contracting opportunities for companies that can help fulfill that mission. [more]
  • Small technology companies getting opportunity for federal IT contracts – 10/21/2005
    The winds of change appear to be blowing, and small technology firms should take note. [more]
  • Contractors can find opportunities in storms’ aftermath – 9/30/2005
    At last count, more than $60 billion worth of property and assets must be replaced due to the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina. [more]
  • Local governments are overlooked sources of revenue for contractors – 9/16/2005
    Government contractors have traditionally focused on federal and state agencies, but that business practice is changing — and for good reason. [more]
  • Despite funding crunch, schools push ahead with projects – 9/2/2005
    Texas legislators gave far less funding to public universities in Texas than the institutions had requested, and legislation that would have allowed state universities to use tuition revenue bonds to raise money for special projects failed to pass this year. But universities are forging ahead, nonetheless, and Gov. Rick Perry has called for authority to release funds that would be used to start a number of major projects. [more]
  • Federal transportation bill provides windfall for road projects – 8/19/2005
    Here’s some good news for companies that build roads — and for everyone who drives on them: Texas is about to embark on hundreds of new road projects, thanks to some much-needed federal funding in the pipeline. [more]
  • State advertising contracts have some firms going commercial – 8/5/2005
    Everything is big in Texas — and ad campaigns spilling out of governmental agencies are no exception. [more]
  • Efforts under way to gain a portion of state’s $200M emerging tech fund – 7/22/2005
    Now that Texas has an Emerging Technology Fund many businesses and individuals are asking: How does this work? Where does one start? What are the qualifications and/or criteria for being selected to take part in this $200 million fund? [more]
  • Government bond packages present a ‘grab bag’ of contract opportunities – 7/8/2005
    In the realm of public sector spending, bond packages are almost always a ‘grab bag’ of opportunities for government contractors of all types. [more]
  • Communication needs mean big spending for government – 6/24/2005
    Communication is a critical component of success in every sector of business and government. Some unsuspecting firms fail to realize how much government actually spends in its efforts to communicate. [more]
  • Federal officials release $1.3 billion to help fight bioterrorism – 6/10/2005
    When it comes to being prepared for a terrorist attack, Texas cities have come a long way since Sept. 11, 2001. There is, however, still much left to do. That’s why the federal government has once again turned on the homeland security funding spigot. [more]
  • Opportunities flying for contracts at airports across Texas – 5/27/2005
    Each year, millions of people pass through Texas’ system of 300-plus commercial and community airports. With all trends indicating even higher traffic counts in the future, airport operators are scrambling to achieve more efficiency. That translates into large and abundant contracting opportunities for numerous types of firms. [more]
  • State’s renewed emphasis on education offers possibilities – 5/13/2005
    In Texas, we are victims of an ominous and alarming trend. Our population is becoming a much less educated society. Unless it’s reversed, this trend will result in a serious decline in our economic capabilities as a state. [more]
  • Millions to be spent on connecting Texas’ “first responders” – 4/22/2005
    The activities of Texas’ “first responders” are reported almost continually in the news. Yet, in spite of that, most citizens have little knowledge about the problems these workers struggle with on a daily basis. Nor do most taxpayers realize how many resources are required for first responders to be able to perform as expected. [more]
  • Population growth leaves local, state governments dealing with water issues – 4/11/2005
    As Texas braces for a population explosion, government agencies are devoting a great deal of time and effort to ensure that the State’s future water needs can be met. [more]
  • State, local agencies seeking companies with GIS offerings – 3/25/2005
    State and local governmental agencies have been using geographic information system technology for more than three decades, and the technology is in serious demand today. [more]
  • Transportation, teacher retirement system among Texas’ biggest spenders – 3/11/2005
    Individuals are sometimes astonished by their own spending totals as they review the numbers at the end of a year. Likewise, it is often astounding to see what the state of Texas spends during a year’s time. Texas governmental entities are now able to review the value of their spending totals for the 2004 fiscal year. [more]
  • Tiny radio tags could create plenty of big contract chances – 2/25/2005
    Governmental agencies are universally interested in cost-effective technology that streamlines processes and improves efficiency. One technology that is quickly gaining favor is radio frequency identification, or RFID. [more]
  • Government construction contracts could yield millions for businesses – 2/11/2005
    It is no secret that governments spend large amounts of money on construction. And when there are contracting opportunities involving construction, numerous other sectors benefit, including architectural and engineering companies and subcontractors. [more]
  • Government agencies often look outside for training help – 1/17/2005
    Over the last four years, state agencies, public universities and other governmental entities in Texas have spent over $77 million on educational and training services provided by outside vendors. Governmental agencies are facing stringent training mandates in almost every area. It is an opportune time for vendors and service providers who offer training. [more]