abj Austin Business Journal 2002

  • Purchasing cooperatives are boon to Texas firms – 12/27/2002
    At a time when vendors and service providers could feel glum about the economy and the state’s budget problems, there’s also a positive note… [more]
  • HUBs crucial to gaining deals with government – 10/11/2002
    Numerous new vendors have emerged in the public sector this year… [more]
  • Spending on tech keeps rolling in public sector – 10/11/2002
    Despite the economic slowdown and serious governmental budget constraints, technology projects in the public sector continue.. [more]
  • Despite economic dip, public funding abounds – 9/27/2002
    One question that comes up regularly is whether public sector purchasing has been affected as the private sector has… [more]
  • Law enforcement agencies to capture U.S. funds – 8/30/2002
    Local law enforcement groups in Texas are in line to receive a large chunk of the $340 million that the federal government has appropriated for local initiatives… [more]
  • Opportunities ringing in education market – 8/16/2002
    When school bells ring in August, nearly everyone in Texas is affected in some way or another. Education touches taxpayers and service providers as well as parents… [more]
  • Public health spending generates opportunities – 8/2/2002
    Public health care spending in Texas is estimated at $29.7 billion annually. Health care expenditures at Texas government agencies and facilities will continue to grow in 2003… [more]
  • Telecom board to grant millions for Texas work – 7/5/2002
    At a time when money circulating through the economy is restricted enough to minimize commercial opportunities, it might be comforting to know that in the public sector, large funds connected to contracting opportunities are still circulating… [more]
  • Colleges, universities plan for construction – 6/21/2002
    During the last Texas legislative session, large amounts of funding were allocated for new structures and the renovation of existing buildings on university campuses throughout the state… [more]
  • Opportunities on tap for bioterrorism funds – 6/7/2002
    After the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, congressional leaders began immediately to focus on the possibility of future attacks… [more]
  • New state law alters procurement process – 5/10/2002
    A state law that took effect Sept. 1 transferred the handling of public sector procurement in Texas from the General Services Commission to the newly created Texas Building and Procurement Commission… [more]
  • Transportation security funds flying into Texas – 4/12/2002
    Fiscal 2003 funding of about $4.8 billion is projected for the federal Transportation Security Administration, created late last year.. [more]
  • Electronic, online voting picking up in popularity – 4/1/2002
    Electronic and online voting are on the way in a big way. It’s just a matter of time… [more]
  • Antibioterrorism funds being funneled to Texas – 3/18/2002
    A wealth of funding is making its way to Texas for state and local public health measures to protect against the threat of biological weapons… [more]
  • Learning about Texas’ flow of education funds – 2/18/2002
    When companies consider selling to the public sector, it’s important not to overlook individual school districts in Texas, which have benefited financially in many ways lately… [more]
  • Mentor program can be great HUB for business – 2/4/2002
    A little-known law is drawing a lot of attention from the business community and is leading to substantial revenue for minority businesses in the public sector marketplace… [more]
  • Federal law poses ills for health care sector – 1/21/2002
    The federal government has passed a law that’s causing a lot of grief for governmental agencies, large employers and any business dealing with health care information… [more]
  • New year ushers in new federal funding sources – 1/07/2002
    As business owners usher in a new year and begin to project revenue, it’s good to know numerous federal initiatives will result in millions of new dollars flowing into governmental entities in Texas. Wise vendors and service providers shouldn’t overlook commercial opportunities in the public sector marketplace in 2002. [more]