Jul 2nd 2020 | Posted in Transportation by Texas Government Insider

VIA Metropolitan Transit and Advanced Transportation District board members approved a resolution on July 2 to call a referendum for November 3 that would redirect a part of the state sales tax to public transit in San Antonio.

Passage of the resolution allows the board to call an election to reallocate a one-eighth cent share of the existing sales tax, which funds purchasing easements in the Edwards Aquifer, safeguarding underground water supply, and building and preserving pedestrian and bike trails.
Currently only half of a one cent sales tax, made available by the Texas Legislature to support transit, is being used to fund public transit.

VIA bus VIA calls for referendum to redirect portion of sales tax for public transitVIA has developed a plan for new investments that would be made possible by sustainable funding. They include strengthening service at the core of its coverage area and innovating with new types of programs such as mobility on-demand options, in farther, less dense areas.

The “Keep San Antonio Moving” plan is designed to preserve essential transit service as part of the region’s recovery and will help avoid the most severe service and labor cuts caused by forecasted financial shortfalls, VIA Chair Hope Andrade said.

The deadline for the VIA boards to call a November election is August 17.