Feb 28th 2022 | Posted in Transportation by Texas Government Insider

Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) staff and engineers presented acute traffic safety issues and trends in the Texas-Mexico border region and beyond at the first Border Trade Advisory Committee (BTAC) meeting of 2022.
border trade advisory committee mtg TxDOT updates committee on $34B Texas Mexico border plan progress

Border Trade Advisory Committee meeting

In a presentation to BTAC on February 24, TxDOT highlighted the need for local and regional transportation authorities to work collaboratively to address their unique transportation safety challenges.

TxDOT staff also presented an overview of Phase II of the Border Trade Master Plan, approved by the Texas Transportation Commission in March 2021.
Some of the plan’s key recommendations are:
  • 22 policies to advance borderwide transportation goals.
  • 153 programs to address Texas-Mexico transportation infrastructure needs.
  • 661 targeted, location-specific projects to achieve policy objectives, with a combined estimated cost of $37.4 billion.
These objectives will support local, state, and federal officials from the U.S. and Mexico in their efforts to improve operational efficiency in facilitating the movement of commercial traffic across Texas’ 28 land border crossings with Mexico.