Oct 13th 2020 | Posted in Water Projects by Texas Government Insider

The Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) has designated its initial voting members of Texas’ first-ever regional flood planning groups that represent the state’s 15 flood planning regions. The groups are responsible for developing regional flood plans due to the TWDB by January 2023. The regional plans will culminate in the state’s inaugural flood plan by September 2024.
tree flood TWDB chooses voting members for regional flood planning groupsThe regional planning groups, formed around river basin boundaries, comprise representatives from specific interest categories, including agriculture, industries, river authorities, counties, municipalities, water districts, flood districts, electric generating utilities, water utilities, environmental interests, small businesses, and the public. The TWDB received more than 600 nominations during the nomination period.
This process will ensure Texas is evaluating flood risk across the state and working between communities to identify state flood plan projects, which will be eligible for potential funding through the Flood Infrastructure Fund.
The TWDB will convene the initial planning group meetings this fall and post public notices for each on the agency’s Regional Flood Planning Group Meetings webpage. Meetings will include an opportunity for public comment.