Jun 19th 2020 | Posted in Federal by Government Contracting Pipeline

New Jersey – The state’s application for a $811.12 million federal grant to replace the aging Portal North bridge earned President Trump’s authorization on June 12.
After his dinner with Gov. Phil Murphy, the president tweeted he would support the Federal Transit Administration grant for the $1.9 billion project, which is one in a series of Gateway Program initiatives in the New Jersey-New York City area estimated at $30 billion total.
Portal North Bridge replacement rendering NJ Portal North Bridge replacement to receive $811M grant

Portal North Bridge rendering

The state increased its financial commitment to the replacement project from $300 million to $600 million in February which prompted the FTA to upgrade the project’s rating from medium-low to medium-high.

The state’s overall financial plan totals $782.61 million, and Amtrak plans to contribute $65 million.
Spanning the Hackensack River between Kearny and Secaucus, New Jersey, the Portal Bridge is a two-track railroad swing-bridge that is part of the Northeast Corridor (NEC). This corridor is the most heavily used passenger rail system in the U.S. in terms of ridership and service frequency.

Due to its age, design, and current condition, the bridge is a single point of failure on the NEC, causing major rail traffic disruptions due to mechanical failures inherent to 108-plus-year-old fixtures, parts, and technology.

The proposed Portal North Bridge Project will replace the existing Portal Bridge with a new two-track fixed structure. The overall construction project will be approximately 2.44 miles in length, including a 3,660-foot long approach span on the west side of the river, a 2,540-foot long approach span on the eastside of the river and a 1,200-foot long center span crossing directly over the Hackensack River.

Additional Gateway Program improvements awaiting federal approval are the Hudson Tunnel Project, which includes the construction of a new two-track Hudson River rail tunnel from New Jersey to Manhattan that will directly serve Penn Station New York (PSNY), and the rehabilitation of the 106-year old, existing North River Tunnel. The final section of the Hudson Yards Concrete Casing completes a project to preserve the right of way for a future tunnel to PSNY.