Jul 17th 2019 | Posted in Transportation by Government Contracting Pipeline

North Carolina – The North Carolina Turnpike Authority has a plan to improve travel with $2.2 billion in toll lanes. The plan focuses on major roadways in the southern and eastern sides of the Charlotte region, and will allow for faster travel between Monroe, Rock Hill, Chester, and into Charlotte. All three parts of the plan could be in operation as soon as the early 2030s.
The first project adds one toll lane in each direction to Interstate 485 between U.S. 74 and I-77. The 17-mile stretch is set to be under construction later this summer, and also includes a new interchange at Weddington Road. Completion is estimated for late 2022 at a total cost of $346 million.
NC Turnpike Authority toll lane projects NC Turnpike Authority plans $2.2B in toll lane projectsThe next project focuses on U.S. 74. This $700 million job will begin in eight or nine years, and involves converting the center bus lanes along Independence Boulevard into toll lanes. Completion is estimated around 2030.
The final project begins in the late 2020s and will cost $1.1 billion. The work involves adding toll lanes along an 11-mile stretch on the south side of uptown to the South Carolina border.