May 24th 2021 | Posted in Technology by Texas Government Insider

City officials in Laredo are considering a city-provided gigabit broadband service to serve city residents, businesses, and visitors.
The city soon will commission a municipal broadband study that could include a broadband expansion feasibility study with deployment options.
Laredo Laredo mulls city provided broadband


Laredo aims to accelerate the deployment of high-speed broadband access in the city by identifying the state of competition, consumer habits, and current and potential demand in the broadband sector in the city. The study will assist the city in quantifying local economic impacts and quality of life benefits from municipal broadband deployment.

At the city’s choice following submission of a final broadband market analysis, consultants will prepare a comprehensive feasibility analysis and financial models, opportunities, and threats reports analyzing various models of delivering city-provided and initiated gigabit broadband in Laredo with an emphasis on affordability and expanding the availability of high-speed broadband service to as many city residents as possible.
The resulting studies shall tailor deployment options for the City’s distinct use types, in the downtown area, industrial, commercial, residential, and other areas.
Among the city’s goals are promoting workforce development, improving the economic health of downtown Laredo, increasing the success rate and fostering the creation of small and startup businesses, and promoting educational and institutional partnerships.