Oct 5th 2022 | Posted in Infrastructure, Texas Government Insider by Texas Government Insider

Unsplash storm water 197x300 H GAC approves distribution of $488M for storm resiliencyThe Houston-Galveston Area Council (H-GAC) approved its final method of distribution during an August 16 board of directors meeting for $488 million in federal funding for storm resiliency improvement projects across the 13 counties it serves. H-GAC also approved a plan that sends over $10.7 million in reallocated funds to the city of Houston.

The funding comes from Community Development Block Grant mitigation funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. With the approval, the H-GAC will provide $56.03 million to Fort Bend County, $8.7 million to Waller County, and $1.13 million to the city of Katy.

The chosen cities and counties were determined based on the following factors: Households impacted by historic disasters between 2015-19, real and personal property damage in the same time frame, low- to moderate-income populations in the area, and the percentage of the area’s population in the flood plain.

The city of Katy city will use its funds to further mitigation efforts, such as collecting water at the city’s detention pond at Pitts and Morton roads, increasing drainage flow, ditch regrading, and culvert replacement.