Sergio Loya

sergio loya Sergio Loya

Sergio Loya is an established public administrator and veteran with twenty-five years of public, private, non-profit experience. Well-traveled, multi-cultural and multi-lingual with international experience, he is a recognized subject matter expert with expertise in government marketplaces.  His 19+ years working with public officials give him a unique perspective at every jurisdictional level of government.

At the Federal level of government, Sergio worked as a consultant for agencies such as: Office of Personnel Management (OPM), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Energy (DOE), Interior (INT), Department of Defense (DoD), and several others.

Sergio has experience in responding to bid solicitations, contract oversight, project management, strategy development and financial operations.  His areas of expertise are broad and the SPI Team welcomes the significant value he can help them bring to clients.