sfbj South Florida Business Journal 2011

  • Partnerships allow governments to continue construction – 03/25/2011
    State and local government budgets are tight, and many public entities have halted or curtailed new construction projects. However, because it is more costly to maintain old and inefficient buildings or purchase portable buildings, many construction projects are proceeding. In fact, there is more new construction now in the public, rather than the private, sector. [more]
  • What is an RFI, and why is it so important for your business? – 02/25/2011
    It is not uncommon for new government contractors to disregard solicitation documents known as requests for information (RFIs). After all, companies are not all that eager to spend time and resources to provide the government with information. [more]
  • Public sector provides opportunities for vendors of goods and services – 01/28/2011
    In this challenging economy, companies – regardless of their size or what they offer – can find opportunities in the public sector. Savvy businesses realize that local governments throughout the South Florida area procure a diverse array of goods and services. [more]