sfbj South Florida Business Journal 2010

  • Fleet management departments to make big purchases – 12/31/2010
    One lucrative public sector marketplace that often surprises people is related to vehicles, heavy equipment and automotive fleets. There are large fees involved in purchasing vehicles and equipment, as well as keeping them operational and managing the inventory. [more]
  • How to cash in on government construction, renovation – 10/29/2010
    The public sector marketplace is large and diverse. It’s hard to name something that government does not purchase. And, it is often surprising to realize the size of certain spending categories. For instance, government spends an enormous amount each year on renovation, refurbishing and construction. [more]
  • Want to sell to government? Don’t overlook public safety opportunities – 09/26/2010
    Government watchers know this is a very busy time as public sector entities across Florida finalize and implement new budgets. Government agencies are into a new fiscal year. [more]
  • Financial services have plenty of public sector opportunities – 08/22/2010
    There are thousands of contracting opportunities for financial services in the Florida public sector marketplace. Financial services firms not currently selling to government may be shocked to learn that public agencies purchase financial services worth hundreds of millions of dollars each year. [more]
  • School construction: An attractive marketplace in Southeast Florida – 07/25/2010
    School districts throughout the country have huge needs when it comes to construction, building remodeling, renovations and campus expansion. This is especially true in Florida. And, while the challenges are somewhat unique because of the national economy, the outlook is definitely not bleak. [more]
  • Selling to the government? Here is a great place to start – 06/20/2010
    Entering any new marketplace can be a daunting experience, but government marketplaces are among the most challenging for newcomers. [more]
  • Do you have energy solutions? – 05/21/2010
    Many government contractors fear that federal stimulus funding has already disappeared. Some openly question where it went. Not to worry: The funding has not disappeared. Instead, most of it is just now flowing to the local levels of government. Contractors interested in doing business with public entities have not missed out. [more]