sbj San Antonio Business Journal 2009

  • Got energy solutions? Here’s the funding! – 11/06/2009
    Vendors and service providers with energy solutions should watch carefully over the next few weeks as millions of dollars are awarded to local public entities for energy-related initiatives. The federal government has made $22 billion available for energy-related projects that improve efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. [more]
  • Engineering firms, consultants in high demand – 10/23/2009
    Engineering firms and engineering consultants will find the Texas local government marketplace attractive in the next few years as cities and counties work to resolve critical infrastructure issues. [more]
  • Heavy investment in tech purchases for 2010 – 10/09/2009
    Local governmental entities in Texas have just completed a difficult budget process, but technology firms should be delighted with the results. Technology purchases by cities, counties, schools and health care facilities will be abundant in 2010. [more]
  • Hundreds of public safety opportunities across Texas – 09/25/2009
    Companies with services and solutions related to public safety should definitely not overlook the public sector marketplace in Texas over the next 24 months. And the first place to focus would be the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS). [more]
  • Thousands of opportunities in Southeast Texas – 09/11/2009
    As Texans pause on the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Ike, the third-most destructive storm to ever hit the United States, it is rewarding to see that funding has been made available to Southeast Texas for cleanup and rebuilding. The massive storm left Texas with more than $29 billion in damages, but repair work and construction is now under way and new initiatives are being announced weekly. [more]
  • Firms with IT solutions are in high demand statewide – 08/14/2009
    Texas cities and counties are big users of technology and their needs are large and diverse. IT vendors and service providers are in high demand throughout the state. More often than not, governmental entities rely on private sector contractors to assist in-house IT divisions when comprehensive technology solutions are required. [more]
  • State, local entities need financial-solution providers – 07/31/2009
    In 2008, state and local governmental entities collected tax revenues that exceeded $1.3 trillion dollars. The state of Texas collected more than $44.7 billion. That’s a lot of taxpayer dollars. [more]
  • Stimulus funds promoting safety, preparedness – 07/17/2009
    Millions of dollars pour into Texas each year for public safety and emergency preparedness. This year, however, historic increases in federal funds will flow into the state for enhancing public safety. Government contractors should be ever watchful because opportunities for government contracting will be diverse and abundant. [more]
  • Federal stimulus funding is heading to Texas – 06/26/2009
    Government contractors in Texas are currently focusing most of their attention on cities, counties and school districts…and for good reason. The federal stimulus funding, almost $1 trillion, is heavily weighted to flow to end-users at the local levels of government. Texas, because of its coastline, borders, military bases, federal facilities and VA hospitals, will receive a lion’s share of the federal funding. [more]
  • Energy-efficient projects getting stimulus boost – 06/12/2009
    Welcome to a vibrant Texas marketplace where public sector decision-makers have funds and an immediate interest in purchasing energy efficiency and energy conservation solutions. [more]
  • Infrastructure, construction and water – critical areas –05/15/2009
    Texas ’ growing population is driving demand for new and enhanced infrastructure in an historic way. Cities, counties, school districts and regional coalitions simply must provide for the growth. There is no other option. [more]
  • Stimulus money now flowing to school districts – 05/01/2009
    Texas school districts have had extreme demands, inadequate budgets and high profile pressure to do “more with less” for years. However, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funds should provide much-needed relief to school districts in the short-term. The stimulus funds will provide revenue that schools can use for construction, upgrading classrooms, enhancing technology, increasing energy efficiency and more. [more]
  • Food-related contracts are big-ticket items for government – 04/10/2009
    Most government contractors are totally focused, at least for the moment, on federal stimulus money flowing into Texas. The stimulus bill makes available billions of dollars that will result in thousands of lucrative government contracting opportunities. Companies of all types and sizes are scrambling to get positioned to win some of the new business. However, there are other very basic recurring government contracting opportunities that are often overlooked. These contracts are just as lucrative and they occur year after year. [more]
  • Stimulus bill has abundant contracting opportunities – 03/06/2009
    The President’s Economic Recovery Plan, better known as the Stimulus Bill, will create thousands of public sector contracting opportunities as the federal government tries to reverse a shrinking economy. The government marketplace will become more attractive than it has been in decades…and it will happen very quickly. [more]
  • Government spends millions on media services – 01/02/2009
    As the national economy tightens and companies begin to look at ways to make revenue quotas for 2009, many firms should give serious consideration to the government marketplace. Public sector entities spend many millions each year on advertising, PR, printing and promotional campaigns. Ad agencies currently overlooking this marketplace may want to rethink the decision not to pursue public sector contracts. [more]