sbj San Antonio Business Journal 2007

  • Fed ‘earmarks’ for 2008 should interest Texas contractors – 12/28/2007
    There are many things to watch for as a year winds down and anticipation builds for a new one. For some, one of the most awaited events is the influx of new federal dollars that flow into Texas via Washington, D.C. [more]
  • Government contracting needs are becoming far more diverse – 12/14/2007
    Private contractors who think there might not be a need for their specific service offerings in government should think again. There is some public sector agency with an open procurement for almost every conceivable service at some time during any particular year. Government agencies have a surprising diversity of needs that must be outsourced to private sector providers. Increasingly, many of government’s largest contracts are for specialized professional services that draw on the ingenuity, expertise and efficiency of private enterprise. [more]
  • The timing is perfect for 2008 business-growth resolutions – 12/7/2007
    With the end of 2007 in sight and holidays quickly approaching, thoughts begin to turn toward resolutions for the coming year. For many businesses, that means new revenue quotas. Companies not currently selling to governmental agencies in Texas may want to seriously consider entering this extremely lucrative marketplace. [more]
  • Voters approve spending $15 billion for new construction – 11/16/2007
    Texas voters approved more than $15 billion in bond proposals on Tuesday, creating a world of new opportunities for government contractors. Voters overwhelmingly gave permission to invest tax dollars in public enhancements to address growth issues. For a complete look at all bond packages that passed or failed, go to and click on “bond elections results.” This link also outlines some of the larger projects within each bond package. [more]
  • Recreation outlets create many contracting opportunities – 11/2/2007
    Texans are much like other Americans. We are a society of hard-working, over-stressed, impatient individuals who want as much access to recreational activities and entertainment as we can possibly get. We want parks, jogging trails, playgrounds, sports and music venues — and we want it all as close to where we live as possible. [more]
  • Landing government term contracts is smart business – 10/26/2007
    Companies that contract with governmental entities are continually on the lookout for upcoming opportunities. Information gathering is critical and early identification of upcoming opportunities often guarantees a competitive advantage. [more]