Because of continual calls and ongoing demand, the Strategic Partnerships Team is now offering assistance to public officials considering the potential launch of a Public-Private Partnership (P3).

The SPI team would not replace advisors who will likely be needed in the future – legal, financial, technical.  Instead, the objective of this short engagement is to provide ‘Upfront Assistance’ to help public officials better understand everything there is to know about P3s before trying to launch one.

This customized engagement is scoped to answer all questions, provide advice, discuss options, and assist in developing a plan structured to ensure success.  All too often, public officials rush to begin the process too quickly.  The result is usually extended delays, rescoping of the plan, and often causing potential private sector partners to lose interest. It is important for public officials to gain as much knowledge as possible about P3s before reaching out to advisors or announcing that a P3 project is being planned.

Assistance provided will include, but not necessarily be limited to the following:

  • Guidance related to every step of the development of a P3 project;
  • All questions answered…all risks discussed…all benefits listed;
  • Explaining ‘Best Practices’ for every aspect of successful Public-Private Partnerships;
  • Assistance to understand the role of advisors and to assist with the selection of advisors, if requested;
  • Guidance related to selecting a ‘project champion’ or a ‘political champion’ for the project;
  • Responsibilities listed for the selected ‘champion’ and discussions of the need for a ‘stand-in champion’;
  • Guidance and hands-on-assistance with developing the messages for all internal stakeholders;
  • How to select an internal P3 Advisory Group and define their responsibilities;
  • Assistance in developing the Civic Outreach Plan that will be required;
  • Advice about the political aspects and implications of P3 engagements as well as any alternative funding project;
  • Preparations for dealing with detractors, the media, concerned stakeholders and external elected officials;
  • Guidance related to local contractors, financial institutions and local legal firms that will likely have an interest in the project;
  • Assistance in marketing the opportunity to advisors, investors and interested potential partners; and
  • Other needs of the public entity.

The P3 Engagement package is customized to meet unique, individual needs and provide guidance at the very beginning stage of considering a public-private partnership. It is designed to provide an opportunity for public officials to get objective guidance from other former government officials with P3 expertise. The guidance provided can be shortened or extended according to immediate needs and/or longer-term assistance that is requested.

Consultants and researchers working with each engagement will have expertise in all areas of Public-Private Partnerships (P3) engagements.