SPI’s Government Relations and Procurement Consulting Teams work together and with SPI’s Research Team to deliver much more for clients. We cover it all if you are one of our multi-state clients. The SPI Team stretches your resources by providing dozens of former government officials working with your teams every week. If you don’t know us, check us out and schedule a call.

Client benefits include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Monitoring and tracking of all legislative bills of interest, discussions, actions, and news;
  • Political guidance of every type at all levels of government;
  • Business development services to increase your government footprint and capture more new business;
  • Tracking of all government funding – where it is going, who will control it,  and how it will be used;
  • Facilitating meetings at the C-levels at all jurisdictions;
  • Competitor intelligence; customized research; communication and marketing outreach as requested;
  • Alerts about upcoming opportunities long before public announcements are ever made.

Now it is possible to accomplish all your goals with a team that has a 26-year history of success…. and you can do it for less when you partner with us.