Strategic Partnerships, Inc. (SPI) seeks to enter into a mutually-beneficial partnership with professional consultants through our Outside Consultant Contracts. Combined with the support structure of research, advocacy, and access provided by our internal team, the Outside Consultants add industry expertise and/or local relationship knowledge to benefit clients served by SPI. By effectively combining skills, relationships, and technical expertise of our internal staff and Outside Consultants, SPI can offer a wide range of benefits to our clients.

What SPI Brings to the Partnership

SPI brings its internal support infrastructure to this partnership. We will recruit the client and make the determination of needs and services to be provided. We will formalize this agreement in a contract with specific deliverables. Each Client will have an Internal Client Team assigned to plan and implement the specific strategy for service. Each Client Team will have a Senior Consultant assigned to oversee all activities, including the oversight of any Outside Consultants. The Outside Consultant will be treated as a valuable member of the client team and should be provided adequate background information from the Client Team to be properly prepared before engaging with the client. SPI will provide follow-up information to external consultants on the progress of activities for those projects they participate in to keep them up to date when speaking with their local contacts.

What the Outside Consultant Brings to the Partnership

The Outside Consultant is expected to bring either industry and local entity specific expertise and/or relationships with local decision makers that can help to provide access to SPI for its clients. The Outside Consultant is expected to help provide strategy on how best to serve the needs of the client, set up meetings with key decision makers on a timely basis, and follow up with their SPI Team to ensure that the deliverables promised have been met.

If you’re interested in learning more about becoming an Outside Consultant,
contact Laura Matisi at lmatisi@spartnerships.com or 512-531-3900