Oct 19th 2020 | Posted in Technology by Government Contracting Pipeline

New York – The New York State (NYS) Office of Information Technology Services released a request for information (RFI) to solicit input on out-of-box solutions and industry standards for examination services and application management.
NY civil service collage New York issues RFI for civil service examination solutionThese solutions would be used by NYS’ Department of Civil Service (DCS), human resources staff at various state agencies, and civil service administrators at the municipal government level.
DCS is responsible for oversight of administration of the merit system of 94 local governments. The New York State Constitution mandates that appointments and promotions into civil service be made according to merit and fitness as determined through competitive examination. DCS fulfills this mandate by providing examination services to NYS agencies and municipal civil service agencies. Further, DCS is mandated to manage applicants through the examination process.
Existing processes require many systems to perform individual components of the exam and applicant management processes. The individual processes of the exam and applicant management processes include:
  • Web portal for submitting examination requests, reviewing request status, making changing or cancelling requests, downloading candidate rosters, and uploading and enrolling exam applicants from local users;
  • Internal application through which DCS staff can review, organize, and process agency examination requests and manage announcement development and publishing;
  • Master examination schedule;
  • Internal application for entering and manipulating examination-related data;
  • Web portal for users to apply for exams;
  • Fee maintenance system; and,
  • Veterans determination process system.
The application must have an internal application that allows Civil Service staff to review applications and make determinations based on eligibility, reschedule exam dates, view application history, enter in paper applications, review exam schedules, view rosters of applicants for an examination, and group applicants for testing purposes.
Submissions for this RFI are due by 2 p.m. November 5.