Mar 21st 2022 | Posted in Federal by Government Contracting Pipeline

Washington, D.C. – The $1.2 trillion omnibus appropriations legislation signed on March 15 includes more than $52.87 billion for energy and water development, an increase of $3.42 billion from fiscal year 2021.
dam and spillway Billions authorized for energy, water development in spending billThe bill supplies funds for water resources development programs and over $8 billion for related activities of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) civil works program.
USACE will receive $4.57 billion for operations and maintenance, including more than $2 billion to support projects including dredging, repair, and operation of structures and facilities. The Corps also will get $370 million for projects associated with the Mississippi River.
In addition, $1.92 billion will go to the Department of Interior’s Bureau of Reclamation to continue construction of rural water projects, water supply and conservation projects, and water reliability and delivery measures. Funds also fulfill federal obligations to Indian Water Rights Settlements, as well as conservation programs on the Colorado River.
The bill supports the Department of Energy’s energy research and development activities, environmental cleanup and waste management, and atomic energy defense activities; and independent agencies and commissions such as the Appalachian Regional Commission and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
It provides resources to strengthen the U.S. nuclear deterrence posture, ensure nuclear stockpile readiness and safety, and prepare for existing and future nuclear threats.
In addition, it includes investments needed to improve and maintain flood control projects and ensure the viability of national and regional ports and waterways and maintains funding for unconventional fossil energy technologies.
The bill will fund the national government through the end of the fiscal year in September.