Apr 5th 2019 | Posted in Water Projects by Texas Government Insider

Texas– The drainage system for the Quail Creek area in Wichita Falls, which has 3,442 properties, needs to be updated. The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) mapping of the area is outdated and the model needs to be adjusted to include additional improvements made since it was last mapped in the 1990s. A FEMA map of the 100-year and 10-year flood plains in the area was updated in 2010 with new data.

Wichita Falls Texas logo Wichita Falls reviews projects that would alleviate floodingPlans were presented recently to the City Council and 13 areas were deemed to have the best benefit for the cost. Improvements in the Quail Creek area will be about $15 million. When complete, these improvements will remove 86 properties from the flood plain entirely. The work will also take 109 properties out of the 10-year flood plain, $64 million in value, and help over-road flooding and safety.

The timeline for the project over the next four years includes:

– 2019-2020: property acquisition, design and construction of a storage basin near the Transfer Station;

– 2020: removal of the dam at Sikes Lake;

– 2020-2021: a channel from Maplewood Avenue and Midwestern Parkway and Midwestern crossing work;

– 2022: a crossing at Kemp Boulevard and channel to Maplewood;

– 2023: a channel at North Quail Creek and culvert at Kemp; and

– 2024: a culvert at McNeil, channel and a basin at Fountain Park

Construction of the detention basin near the transfer station will be the next project in the list and is set to begin in early 2020.

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