Mar 4th 2021 | Posted in Education by Government Contracting Pipeline

California – The University of California (UC) health system announced its $3.75 billion plan to rebuild UC Davis Medical Center to meet state seismic requirements.
CA UC Cavis California Tower SE Aerial UC Davis Medical Center to build $3.75B hospital

The University of California Davis – California Tower

The preliminary plan calls for a new 16-story hospital building and five-story pavilion that would replace existing patient care facilities that must be demolished or decommissioned to meet state earthquake safety mandates.

When completed, the expanded hospital will contain 700 licensed beds, up from 625 today. But the square footage of the hospital will nearly double to accommodate a greater number of private rooms.
UC Davis plans to solicit extensive community input on the planned California Tower, including surrounding open space areas and opportunities for neighborhood connectivity with the campus.
The new tower facility will be on existing parking areas and fit within the medical center’s planned footprint. It will be built near the corner of 45th and X streets and include two additional helipads.
Part of the need for the additional facilities is the forced closure and demolition of older portions of the UC Davis Medical Center, which do not meet the state’s 2020 and 2030 seismic safety requirements. Demolition of the 1950s-era north and south hospital wing is slated to be completed in 2030.
Planning and design for the project is expected to take three years, with early construction efforts starting in late 2021 and detailed design phases continuing through 2023.