Oct 13th 2020 | Posted in Education by Government Contracting Pipeline

Ohio – Plans for a $278 million on-campus combined heat and power (CHP) plant at The Ohio State University gained approval from the Ohio Power Siting Board.
OH Ohio State power facility rendering Ohio university planning for $278M heat and power plant

Ohio State power facility rendering

The proposed site for the CHP facility is at John Herrick Drive and Vernon Tharp Street. It will produce thermal energy powered by natural gas while introducing electricity generation on campus. It will serve as a primary source of heating and electricity to the Columbus campus.

It will include the installation of two natural gas combustion turbine generators and one steam turbine generator. Output capacity is projected to be 105.5 megawatts in summer and 85.1 megawatts in winter. Maximum heat input is 314.8 million Btu per hour.
All equipment will be housed within a building that is 60 feet high, according to documents filed with the board. Cooling towers will extend 27 feet above the roof. Two steel stacks will extend to a total height of 125 feet.
Sitework is scheduled to start in November, and structural construction will commence in June 2021. Plant operations are expected to begin in October 2022.